Joe Haden: We’re right in it when the season starts

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The Steelers found out their schedule for the 2019 season on Wednesday night and they’ll be in a high-profile spot right off the bat.

They’ll be in New England for the first Sunday Night Football game of the season, so the first look at their post-Antonio Brown offense will come against a Patriots team that will be kicking off a title defense. They’ll move on to host the Seahawks the next week and Steelers cornerback Joe Haden knows that the team will have to be sharp right off the bat.

“We have to make sure when we go into camp that we are prepared for something serious when we get started,” Haden said, via the team’s website. “When the season starts we are right in it. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who we are playing, we just have to be ready.”

The Steelers host the Ravens in Week Five and then travel to face the Chargers the next week, so they have four 2018 playoff teams in their first six games and one of the other games is another trip to California to meet the 49ers. A bye in Week Seven will provide a chance to reflect on how they handled that opening stretch.

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  1. This will be the Steelers’ Super Bowl. They’re a mighty 3-11 against Brady (0-5 in Foxboro), but it’s their best chance to beat Pats this year as NE treats early Sept as extra preseason wks.

  2. I’m right in it too when I start playing a round of golf against Tiger Woods… then after playing 1 hole, I’m down by 10 strokes and reality sets in.

    Joe Haden will soon meet that same reality.

  3. both teams have a totally different look for 2019. should be interesting to watch. but the pats treat september like their active roster’s training camp, to see where the other teams are headed, determine who the true contenders are, and what they need to tweak to compete with those teams at the end of the season. its good for the pats the game is at the razor.

  4. following this game, the Steelers will be either feeling like they’re world champions, or commplaining about some mystery event that occured in Foxborough.

    The team that benefits the most from this matchup is the Seahawks, as they play the Steelers in Pittsburgh the following week.

  5. These guys are always talking. Everyone wants to give Tomlin a pass and cast the blame on Brown and Bell. It’s the same undisciplined approach every season with Tomlin. The names on the back of the Jersey’s are the only thing to change.

  6. The Steelers proved they could beat New England last year, they open with the seahawks at home and then a 49er team that isn’t so good. Should be a 2-1 start for the Steelers at the very worst.

  7. myspaceyourface says:
    April 19, 2019 at 9:39 am

    These guys are always talking. Everyone wants to give Tomlin a pass and cast the blame on Brown and Bell. It’s the same undisciplined approach every season with Tomlin. The names on the back of the Jersey’s are the only thing to change.

    “Players coach”, ever notice those are the coaches that have the majority of problems with their players? The coaches that try and be the players friend and not their BOSS!

  8. Being perfectly candid, as a Steelers fan, I’m not thrilled to open with this game. As others have pointed out, we don’t have a great record overall against the Pats, which I’d attribute to three things: 1. For most of the last two decades, the Pats have been a superior team. 2. While some teams have demonstrated it is possible to defend against Brady, the Steelers seem doggedly determined to do what clearly doesn’t work. 3. The Steelers themselves place far too much importance on this one regular-season opponent.

    Playing in Foxborough against the defending Super Bowl winners on opening day–when they’ll be celebrating their championship with their fans–already puts any opponent at a disadvantage. But even if Pittsburgh should manage to win, I’m afraid the Steelers would get so caught up in the victory that they slack off for Seattle in week 2.

    But having said all that … Go Steelers!

  9. Tomlin teams play down to their competition, overlook opponents, miss assignments, miss tackles, he can’t seem to win a challenge or even know when to challenge, they make terrible adjustments, his guys do what they want, say what they want, show up when they want, and play when they want. None of that is going to change just because Bell and Brown are gone. Save me the never losing record argument. Any coach would have loved to have a Ben, Bell, Brown, and a top 3 o-line. That will win you 60% of your games all in itself. When it comes to the games that matter most, Tomlin does the least.

  10. Hayden played outstanding against the Patriots last season in Pittsburgh. Made an unbelievable interception that sealed the game. If he can do that again, then the Steelers have a good chance. They can’t start the season like they did in Cleveland or they’re toast.

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