NFL V.P. regrets lengthy road odysseys for Raiders, Buccaneers

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Developing the 256-game regular season schedule in a fair and balanced fashion isn’t the easiest task to accomplish each spring. When trying to account for stadium availability, broadcast partners, international games and other variables, random quirks can surface in the different iterations of the schedule.

One particular quirk that was produced by the 2019 schedule has left NFL V.P. of broadcasting Michael North expressing some regret.

Via Nate Davis of USA Today, North said he wishes they had another shot at producing the schedules for the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as both teams will go seven weeks between playing games in their home stadium.

This is one that the NFL would love to have back. It’s certainly not unusual for an NFL team to have one home game over a six-week stretch,” North said. “But when that one home [game] isn’t actually home, this is likely something that the NFL would seek to avoid in the future.

“I’d love a redo on that one.”

After opening the season with home games against the Denver Broncos (Sept. 9) and Kansas City Chiefs (Sept. 15), the Raiders don’t play another home game until Week Nine against the Detroit Lions (Nov. 3). They play four road games, serve as the home team against the Chicago Bears in London and have their bye week between games at the Oakland Coliseum.

For the Buccaneers, they head on the road after hosting the New York Giants in Week Three (Sept. 22). They don’t play at Raymond James Stadium again until Week Ten against the Arizona Cardinals (Nov. 10). They also play four games on the road, get their bye week and travel to London to host the Carolina Panthers during that stretch.

17 responses to “NFL V.P. regrets lengthy road odysseys for Raiders, Buccaneers

  1. Wow a step-up from years past. They used to deny bias against the Raiders. Now they acknowledge it. They aren’t going to change it but at least they acknowledge it.

  2. That could define an entire season. Players can rally around it and use it as a chip on their shoulder but when it’s actually happening it’s tough for the body to get used to that. Poor scheduling for sure.

  3. did they not notice it until after the release? If they did, wishing for a do over wouldn’t

  4. A redo? Did they not look at the schedule before they sent it out? Did they do it at the last minute and in a rush? What a bunch of idiots.

  5. If they replaced a home game with the Tampa Bay bye week, it would “look” better, but actually be worse, After the London home game, they are better off with a bye. Tampa Bay actually plays no more than two consecutive road games all season.

  6. The VP of Broadcasting picked up on this???
    Shows how much of an afterthought these two teams are to the national tv schedule.

  7. Not a accident…the NFL really doesn’t want too much parity and both the Raiders and Bucs are in major rebuild. Better to keep the competitive teams fresh for higher quality play=better viewership=more money for the NFL.

  8. If the raiders go 4-4, 3-5, 2-6 in the first games, they will have a home stretch where home field advantage can help them coast to the playoffs, possibly fisinishing as good as 9-7 or better.

  9. Scheduling 101. Eliminate international games. Stop the madness. Why don’t the Patriots, Cowboys or Green Bay have an “opportunity “ to play overseas?

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