Raiders’ scouts have been expecting a shakeup

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Reggie McKenzie is out and Mike Mayock is in as G.M. of the Raiders, and the scouts have been expecting major changes — even before today’s strange story that the Raiders have sent their scouts home because they don’t know who they can trust not to leak sensitive information.

Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Raiders’ scouts have anticipated for months that a shakeup in the scouting department will happen after the draft.

That’s not a big surprise. Head coach Jon Gruden is running the show, and he wants his own people handling scouting, not McKenzie’s people. By the time the Raiders hired Mayock, the college football season was already over and it wouldn’t have made sense to fire all the scouts who had spent all season watching games, but now that those scouts have done their work and there’s nothing left to scout, they’re out.

Gruden and Mayock will bring in their own staff of personnel people who will help shape the franchise in Las Vegas. The scouts who have been doing that work are getting an early exit from Oakland.

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  1. Nothing like a couple TV guys to know how to run a football team. They have as much talent at Mark Davis’s barber.

  2. redlikethepig says:
    April 19, 2019 at 1:41 pm
    Nothing like a couple TV guys to know how to run a football team. They have as much talent at Mark Davis’s barber.

    No offense but I am NO Gruden fan, but he was an actual HC for a long time and whether I choose to think it is because of him or in spite of him, he does have a ring. He at least gets that much credit from me.

  3. One thing is for sure…this draft will impact the Raiders for probably the next four years. If they do a good job it could go a long way in turning the franchise around. If they crap out it will set the franchise back and take even longer to turn the program around.

    I think it will be interesting to watch. Both of these guys have been on the set of previous drafts for years (Gruden on ESPN and Mayock on NFLN). They should hopefully have enough experience evaluating talent that they shouldn’t need anyone else’s input. I think between the two of them they will get most of the picks right. I’d love to be in the room with those two when they are discussing picks.

  4. Let’s not pretend like Reggie’s tenure in Oakland was littered with great draft picks and scouting. He had a GREAT draft in 2014 with Mack, Carr, Gabe Jackson, Jelly Ellis, and TJ Carrie. But the team can’t live off one draft class. The last several years of Mckenzie’s tenure had him making some stupid draft picks.

    2012 ( know he didn’t have any picks in the first 3 rounds basically) Raiders drafted no one of note. The best player was undrafted free agent punter Marquette King that they acquired.

    2013 – 1st round – Reggie whiffed on DJ Hayden (next pick was Sheldon Richardson)
    – 2nd Round – Reggie whiffed on T Menelik Watson (an unproven project) instead of RB Le’Veon Bell and DT Kawann Short
    – 3rd Round – Reggie picked LB Sio Moore 3 picks before S Tyrann Mathieu ( I was clamoring for him in the 1st round!)
    – 4th Round – Reggie drafted QB Tyler Wilson who never even made the team, never played a snap.
    – 6th Round – RB Latavius Murray and DT Stacy Mcgee were solid selections

    2014 – 1st – hit on Mack
    – 2nd – hit on Carr (at the time. now not so much)
    – 3rd – hit on G Gabe Jackson (pro bowler)
    – 4th – hit on DT Jelly Ellis
    – 7th – Hit on S/CB TJ Carrie, hit on DT Shelby Harris (though they should’ve kept him)

    2015 – 1st – hit on WR Amari Cooper (though I wanted at the time DL Leonard Williams, and would still prefer to have him)
    – 2nd – whiff on DE Mario Edwards. At the time I wanted DE Preston Smith, who went 3 picks later and just got PAID. DT Eddie Goldman or MLB Eric kendricks were also on the board
    -3rd – whiff on TE Clive Walford (who I liked at the time.) RB David Johnson and WR Tyler Lockett were on the board
    -4th whiff on G Jon Feliciano
    -None of the rest of their picks from this draft were contributors at all, some didn’t even make the team.

    2016 – 1st -S karl Joseph (hasn’t been a huge bust, but not a hit either) – he can start and no one picked behind him has turned into a great player except DT Kenny Clark who went 10 picks later.
    -2nd – TOTAL WHIFF on DE Jihad Ward. Not even on the team anymore. After Ward, it went RB Derrick Henry (!), DT A’Shawn Robinson, and WR Michael Thomas. And pro bowl MLB Deion Jones went a few picks later too.
    3rd – WHIFF on DE Shilique Calhoun. He was cut after 1 year and then on the practice squad. Not on the team anymore.
    4th – WHIFF trading up for QB Connor Cook. They could have sat back and drafted Dak Prescott instead.
    5th- WHIFF picking RB Deandre Washington 6 picks ahead of RB Jordan Howard. Tyreek Hill also went a few picks after that.

    1st – CB Garon Conley – jury is still out. Has potential, i didn’t mind it at the time. I did like CB Tre’davious White more though, who went a few picks alter and has turned into a lockdown CB
    2nd – S Obi Melifonwu – WHIFF. Though at the time, he had the size and speed for the job, just didn’t love football. WR Juju Smith-Schuster went 6 picks later.
    3rd – DT Eddie Vanderdoes – WHIFFF. CB Shaq Griffin was taken 2 picks later. S John Johnson was taken right after. And WR Kenny Golloday went a few picks after that.
    4th – T David Sharpe. Wouldn’t call it a whiff, as he is still on the team but not a starting caliber OL.
    5th – MLB Marquel Lee – solid pick, nothing special but a contributor.
    The Raiders had 4 7th round picks that collectively contributed basically nothing.

    Jury is still out on the 2018 draft, but T Kolton Miller was a reach. They should have drafted S Derwin James either at 10 or 15 when they moved back. He was a top 10 prospect last year that fell too far. PJ Hall has moments. Trading up for Brandon Parker looks like a disaster currently. I know he was thrust into a starting spot last year but he was TERRIBLE. DE Arden Key was a solid choice I think, and DT Hurst was a steal in the 5th round. P Townsend was stupid though, should’ve drafted P Michael Dickson if they were gonna pick one.

    As you can see, Reggie had one solid draft and lived off that for too long. They had a couple cornerstone players but the rest of the team was awful.

  5. They may have sent the scouts home, but its about 1 scout. Its about Raliegh Mckenzie, Reggies brother. There may be more, but I have had my suspicions from the beginning. Com’ on man they are twins, you know they talk. Plus, I suspect Gruden maybe very paranoid anyhow. They should have independent scouts and Mayock and then compare. But the scouts should never know each other.

  6. Arrogant sob! Did he fire them or just give them the week off? Either way, they are now free to tell anyone and everyone the Raiders plans.

  7. “Raiders have sent their scouts home because they don’t know who they can trust not to leak sensitive information.

    Like telling your scouts they aren’t welcome in the War room and sending them home early? No!

  8. have to love it when somebody can say years later who was picked after another pick…just think all 32 teams whiffed on Tom Brady for 5 rounds so they all are terrible…lol- Also isn’t it funny how whiffs and busts are good enough for other teams , just not ours….as far as tyrek hill, sorry after what happened to Tracey B. , raiders dont go near dudes that abuse women (or children) – Love to know who the raiders should pick in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rd in thois years draft…..have a feeling for a guy who is better than all 32 war rooms you might have some whiffs since foresight is always more difficult than hindsight.

    Go Raiders …Go Mayock!

  9. As usual, there are alot of ignorant comments here. Either they didnt read the article at all or are plain stupid. It ain’t hard to understand why they kicked em out if you read it. Both smart, experienced men being judged by armchair morons. The stakes are high here and the scout team ain’t their boys, I guarantee they have been cloaking their plans to their own scouts, I think it’s just smart strategy

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