Report: Jets “determined” to trade down

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The Jets have the third overall pick and expect to have one of the top defensive players on the board. That doesn’t mean, though, they will stay put.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, the Jets seem “determined” to trade down.

While Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan has said several times he’s “open” to the idea, it appears instead he’s intent on selling the team’s first-rounder for additional picks. The Jets currently have only six selections and gave up their second-rounder this year to move up for Sam Darnold last year.

The Jets, in fact, gave up three second-round picks (as well as the sixth overall pick) in the trade with the Colts. Maccagnan would expect as much in return for the No. 3 choice this year.

To move down, though, the Jets have to find someone willing to trade up. Much depends on what the Cardinals do with the first overall choice, so it’s more likely the Jets could get a deal after Arizona’s pick is made rather than before the draft.

16 responses to “Report: Jets “determined” to trade down

  1. If they can’t get a similar haul to what they gave up last year just stay put. At least one of the premier players is going to be there in Bosa, Williams or Allen.

  2. Going into the draft with a rigid plan is usually not smart. While being “determined” to trade down is not as bad as reaching for a need, it’s close. GMs should be flexible, ready with a number of courses of action depending on how things unfold. And when you’re sitting at 3 overall, there’s really no need to start eliminating options until you’re on the clock. You’re in control at that position. Don’t they recognize this?

  3. The Colts would be happy to give them their 2nd pick back and our 1st from this year for the 3rd pick, wouldn’t that be hilarious!

  4. I’ll bet BB would love to move up and he has the draft capital to play, but would the Jets ever consider it?

  5. I got a feeling my jets are going too trade back and than trade for Clark from Seattle. Not trading their first pick but using the 2nd they get along with maybe a 3 too get Clark. That’s only way I’m trading back and as long as they take an oline with their first pick

  6. If the Jets really love a guy and are trying to prevent someone from jumping up to 2 to get him, then well played. If not, then they still don’t get it. It’s called “leverage”, and making it known they’re determined to move down is counterproductive. Pretty much every team this year without a lot of picks wants to trade down given the supposed depth.

  7. Jets are going to trade it to Seattle for Clark + swap a couple other picks. Seattle will trade down and pick up a bundle of picks.

  8. Don’t think the posters here understand our dire need for OL. After investing picks in a QB you have to invest in the OL. Yes, Kelechi Osemele will upgrade the line on the left side with Kelvin Beachum but, the right side is a question mark. Brian Winters is a good run blocking guard but I would like to see a versatile guard like Dalton Risner or Conner McGovern to give him some competition or take his spot at RG. And with guys like Tytus Howard and Cajuste available in the later rounds you could do the same thing with Brandon Shell who has been good when healthy (I would like to emphasize “when healthy”.)

  9. Steelers are dying to get one of those inside linebackers, but no. 3 may be too soon. Somebody from 7 to 13 should listen to their offer.

  10. I hate to say it, but I can see the packers trying to make a splash by trading up. I think we have too many needs to tase away a # 2 and more to move up. I think we need to trade down in the first if the opportunity arises and add some more picks in rounds 3 and 4. Our depth is terrible. If I were an undrafted player I would strongly consider signing with Green Bay. They have a history of keeping Undrafted free agents. With the change in coaching staff and the lack of depth I see a lot of turnover on our roster

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