Seahawks undecided on Germain Ifedi’s fifth-year option

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Teams have until May 3 to exercise fifth-year options on players drafted in the first round of the 2016 draft and some have already made their call.

The Cowboys and Dolphins are using their respective options on running back Ezekiel Elliott and tackle Laremy Tunsil. The Seahawks, on the other hand, are not sure what they’ll do with tackle Germain Ifedi. General Manager John Schneider delivered that message to multiple reporters on Thursday.

Ifedi has started all 44 games he’s played since Seattle took him with the 31st overall pick. His rookie year was spent at right guard and he’s been at right tackle for most of the last two seasons.

Offensive line play has not been a major strength for the Seahawks for most of Ifedi’s time with the team and the fact that the team is hesitant to hold onto him at a time when good linemen are hard to find is a commentary on Ifedi’s role in those struggles.

The Seahawks didn’t make a first-round pick from 2013-2015, so this is their first option decision in some time. Defensive end Bruce Irvin was their 2012 first-round pick and they passed on exercising his option in 2015, which led to Irvin leaving for Oakland as a free agent the next year.

7 responses to “Seahawks undecided on Germain Ifedi’s fifth-year option

  1. Since they gave Russell Wilson the biggest contract on planet earth, now they have to make “tough decisions” about the rest of the roster. Snide has to decide whether he should be scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for shoes to fill. He recently re-signed George Fant for 3 million bucks, even though he is not even a starter. May be he will go with Fant as the starter at tackle and let Ifedi become a free agent. May be he is so bad that Ifedi can be re-signed for peanuts as a free agent.

  2. Let him go.
    The Seahawks have Russell Wilson so they don’t need no stinking 1st round picks.

  3. I think of this situation as being about the same as the Irvin situation. Tough decision. For O-Line continuity I think they should pick up the option.

  4. JR Sweezy outperformed Ifedi and has done so in his 7 year career (excluding first year).
    Cardinals signed Sweezy for $4.5 M per year over 2 years. Ifedi is 26, Sweezy is 30. Ifedi’s fifth year option is $6.23 M. Ifedi continues to make mental mistakes. He is gifted but hasn’t played up to it. Clearly SEA needs OL personnel. Draft will tell us which way the are going as to Ifedi.

  5. They should have taken care of this before the ridiculous Wilson deal. Too late now!

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