Signs continue to point to Kyler Murray as the first pick

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The Cardinals remain committed to keeping their intentions for the first overall pick quiet, possibly at the behest of the league office or possibly because they like being the center of attention, for a change. But the signs continue to point to the Cardinals taking quarterback Kyler Murray with that No. 1 overall selection.

The fact that current quarterback Josh Rosen genuinely seems to be in the dark regarding his status continues to be the most compelling evidence that Rosen will be supplanted by Murray. If Murray isn’t the pick, the damage being done to Rosen’s standing within the organization will be hard to undo. Other players will look at him differently, always wondering whether he’s the guy they should be unconditionally following or whether it’s just a matter of time before he’ll be benched or traded. And if players can’t fully embrace the player who is supposed to lead them, the players necessarily won’t have the leader they need.

Here’s another signal that, for now, indicates that Murray will be the guy: He has agreed to go to Nashville for the draft. If he didn’t believe he’d be the first overall pick at a time when so many expect it to be him, would he walk into the embarrassment that necessarily would flow from sitting there in the green room while someone else becomes the first person to make the walk across the stage for a bear hug with Roger Goodell?

Murray will know before the draft whether he’s the pick, thanks to the relationship between agent Erik Burkhardt and the Cardinals. Burkhardt represents Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury, and Burkhardt helped Kingsbury navigate a contractual minefield out of USC and into the job he now has. Kingsbury will know what the Cardinals are going to do, Kingsbury will tell Burkhardt, and Burkhardt will tell Murray.

So if Murray follows through on his non-binding agreement to attend the draft, he’s the guy. If he cancels (in the same way he canceled his trip to D.C.), he’s not. With so few sure things entering this year’s draft, that may be the only one.

49 responses to “Signs continue to point to Kyler Murray as the first pick

  1. He will be the first pick because Arizona is Arizona and they are stupid. Rosen had no Oline or really any help. Tom Brady in his full prime couldn’t have won with that team. You have your QB, try getting him help before you ruin a second.

  2. I mean now at this point how do you even keep josh Rosen anymore. By doing all this I think the cards have forced themselves into a bad situation with Rosen. If they don’t take Murray now I would think their needs too be some couples therapy between Rosen and cards front office

  3. Talk about beat a dead horse. AZ has sucked the air of the draft. The networks are going to hire actors to react in shock when Murray’s name is announced at 1. The GM should be fired.

  4. Let’s get something straight, the cardinals haven’t said anything, this is the media narratives being spewed. Rosen knows where he stands, that’s an employee of the Az Cardinals. Period.

  5. Keim keimed it up w Naming KK the HC

    How that idiot keeps his job is beyond me


    Cardinal Fans

  6. Or maybe Rosen knows it isn’t a QB being picked first and is being quiet because he was told to not reveal anything.

  7. Murray is going to the draft because he knows he will be at worst the 2nd QB taken not because he is going first. Either way he would have been there. This is a once in a lifetime event.

  8. I would love to bet against this, I would even wager he doesn’t go in top 15 for mild odds. I’ll take 4 to 1 he doesn’t go in first round. Give me 15-1 and I say he doesn’t go in the top 45 picks. I think this is just his agent colluding with numerous gm’s to play the media–similar to how they played Johnny Football.

  9. Then why is Bosa also going? I still think Kyler is going #1 overall but not because he is willing to attend the draft. Many players that are “mostly” sure they are getting drafted on the first day go to the draft, not just the first overall pick.

  10. Good news for Rosen is he’s playing for a less silly franchise this Sept – even if it’s Miami.

  11. Murray’s good, sure, but he’s certainly not thought of as a “generational” talent, so i’m confused as to why you put forth the notion that he wouldn’t he attend the draft is he’s certain he’s not going number 1 overall? That’s completely ridiculous… going 2,3,4,5, etc. isn’t good enough? That alone would scare me off if I was a GM…

  12. By the way the child already signed a baseball deal. If he is not chosen first he’s playing baseball. That’s where he belongs. He will never be a great NFL QB.

  13. Murray is going to be a mega-bust no matter where he’s picked.
    Plus, he and his agent will ALWAYS use baseball as leverage in contract negotiations, for that reason alone I would refuse to take him.
    When Murray fails, I hope that the media stops hyping these athletic QBs every single year.

  14. If they don’t trade Rosen before they make the pick, they are killing their leverage. That’s stupid, even if the NFL doesn’t want them to tip their hand.

  15. I hope for Josh Rosen’ s sake he is rid of Kiem and that team. The kid deserves better and hopefully will get to have a fresh start , anywhere but Arizona. That GM has set that team back many years. You just don’t treat players (that you value) the way this kid has been treated. As the article states, who can take him seriously in the desert?

  16. Till waiting on a single, solitary sign they are drafting The Hype. Still haven’t seen any actual signs, just people forcing Murray on the Cardinals at all cost relyingto pressure them into making the mistake, err the pick.

  17. I can’t wait for the Cards to take Murray and get back to dominating the NFC West

  18. AZ got google-eyed over the QB play of Mayfield, Webb and Mahomes. It’s like they glossed over Kingsbury to complete coach. Now they want a guy that fits his requirements. Hey, I hope Murray balls out and I hope Rosen finds a team and does the same, but this process is nonsense. Not like someone is going to move above the number one slot so just admit to picking Murray and trade Rosen while you can.

  19. The irony of all this is that Rosen is the better quarterback and will have a better career. But the Cardinals are the Cardinals and will always be the Cardinals. I have no dog in the fight but I do feel sorry for their fans.

  20. Do some of you all just like calling college players busts or mega busts? Every year it’s the same thing. There’s always this core group of posters out to prove how smart they are by labelling a player a bust before they’ve played a down in the NFL. My question is why? What’s the point and what do you gain from that? The truth about the draft is no one really knows how a player will turn out until they play in the league and even then you still need a season or two to really know. Cam Newton was supposed to be a bust according to posters here. He has an MVP and Superbowl appearance under his belt. Joey Bossa was supposed to be a bust and he is currently one of the best young past rusher in the league. Russell Wilson was too small and suppose to be a bust also. He won a Superbowl and is one of the best QB in the league. There are definitely players who did turn out to be busts like RG3 but again no one knows until they play.

  21. I always wonder how many great quarterbacks we miss out on. Almost all rookie QB’s should sit a year or 2 on the bench. The game is just too fast, too complicated for 95% of them. Who knows, how many Hall of Fame quarterbacks now would have washed out of the league if forced to start in their rookie years. I’m afraid it would be more than we’d like to admit.

  22. Anybody think that maybe AZ is just trying to convince everybody they want Murray so some team is dumb enough to jump up and grab him (like Oakland or Washington) and overpay with a score of draft picks?

  23. I’ll wait and see how it plays out. Kingsbury called him the best QB that he has seen before signing with the Cardinals. He has a great reputation working with QB’s. He can assess Rosen and they will be in a. position to make the best move available.

  24. Playing in the pocket against a defense much taller than you doesn’t bode well for your passes.

  25. A great QB on the Eagles doesn’t mean he will be a grat QB on the bears. Kingsbury has a system and he wants a QB that he knows can play in his system. He wants a Russell Wilson type. Risen is not a Russell Wilson type, Murray is. Is as simple ad that.

  26. Murray can thank Patrick Mahomes if he is the #1 pick in the draft. Mahomes and Murray have similar profiles and talent, so because of the success Mahomes had last year, everyone is hyped up about Murray.
    It will be interesting to see how it all works out for the kid and the Cards. Remember this — the Cards don’t have the talent the Chiefs have and Mahomes was there for a year learning the system before he had to play. Both of those things give Mahomes an advantage over Murray if he does become a Cardinal.

  27. tvguy22 says:
    April 20, 2019 at 7:27 am
    I feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald.

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    Mister ol Larry Fitz has a base salary of 11 million this year, with possibly 1 million with incentives. I don’t feel bad for Larry at all.

  28. jerryhassler5871 says:
    April 20, 2019 at 7:52 am
    Playing in the pocket against a defense much taller than you doesn’t bode well for your passes.

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    Doug Flutie did amazing is two professional leagues. Dominated the CFL, and was very impressive in his second stint in the NFL. And Doug Flutie was small….. man I miss Flutie Flakes haha

  29. Anyone who thinks height dictates the number of passes batted down in NFL needs to do a little research.

    Russell Wilson has never had 10 or more passess batted down in 7 NFL seasons.

    In those 7 years, the NFL leader in passes batted down has been 6’3″ tall or taller. Six different QBs have been the leader, ranging from 15 to 21 batted passes in a year. That is 50% to over 100% more batted passes than Wilson.

    Wilson has not even been in the top 10 in passes batted in any season (info from Gil Brandt).

    From start of 2014 to early 2017, ESPN did article on passes batted. Bortles (6’5″ tall) had 61 passes batted, Cam Newton (34), Matt Ryan (30), and Brees had 31. Brady had 28.

    Even Manziel only 1 batted pass in his 258 career passes.

    And… in college for 2018, both Daniel Jones (12) and Drew Lock (8) had more tipped than Murray (5). Haskins also had 5 batted passes.

    Don’t buy the myth.

    It is a

  30. Zero point zero chance the Cardinals take Murray. Oh sure, the media may believe it likely but the media is rarely right. The Cardinals need help everywhere so the prudent and obvious move is to trade down and accumulate multiple high value picks along the way. To do so, the birds need Murray’s value to be at it’s highest to entice a trade partner which is why they’re allowing the narrative they’re interested in Murray instead of shooting it down. With regards to Rosen, I’m sure they’ve already met with him and told him, “Hey Josh, you’re our guy but this next month is going to be rough on you. We’re going to allow even stoke the fires that we’re looking to take Murray… we’re not. We just need his value up so that we can trade the pick and put some really impactful pieces around you. Don’t listen to the stories, and don’t believe them.” Then Rosen, on his end has to keep that narrative going by saying something along the lines, “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m in the dark, I can only worry about what I can control, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla”

    It’s all fun and games and part of the show.

    The only people fooled by it are the people who think they know how the game is played such as anyone who speaks behind a microphone or behind a camera.

  31. January 2019: The Cardinals hire Kingsbury and the Murray connections point to AZ taking him with the first overall.
    February 2019: Murray to the Cards is a lock and Rosen traded to the Giants or Redskins is being bantered about.
    March 2019: Murray is still the projected #1 pick, but talk of Gruden making a move starts to make waves.
    April 2019: The idea that the Cards could take Murray #1 and keep Rosen seems digestible.
    April 25, 2019: We find out. I’ll be there with over 100,000 of other NFL fans and maybe 100 other Cardinal fans.
    Can’t wait.

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