XFL’s Houston franchise should try to hire Wade Phillips

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On Thursday afternoon, a bizarre back and forth unfolded on Twitter regarding whether former Oilers/Titans and Rams coach Jeff Fisher will be coaching the XFL’s Houston franchise. On Friday morning’s PFT Live, Charean Williams offered an intriguing alternative option, if Fisher and the XFL (who definitely have been talking) don’t reach a deal.

Wade Phillips.

The Rams defensive coordinator has the chops to be a head coach, but after three different stints in that role (and with the league skewing young when it comes to head coaches), a fourth NFL opportunity is unlikely. A first XFL opportunity could be compelling, especially if it were to happen in the city where his dad, Bum, became a local legend as coach of the Oilers.

The L.A. XFL franchise also has a vacancy, and as Charean mentioned during the show, Wade’s children and grandchildren live there. And maybe, if Wade were willing and the Rams and the XFL were cooperative, Phillips could work for the Rams and moonlight with the XFL, after the NFL season ends.

However it plays out, there are some intriguing options for the final two XFL coaching spots. And landing a guy like Wade Phillips would go a long way to giving a specific team, and the league in general, plenty of credibility and legitimacy.

20 responses to “XFL’s Houston franchise should try to hire Wade Phillips

  1. Nope, it’s owned by Vince McMahon, so the league will never have credibility or legitimacy.

  2. Horrible idea. Wade is a dam good Coordinator. But the dude is not a good head coach. As a cowboys fan I can attest to it.

  3. How many games will be in an XFL season? 10? Jeff Fisher could get them to 5-5. Wade Phillips on the other hand is a good coach. He’s proven not to be good HC material for the NFL but this isn’t the NFL. I’m sure he could consistently win at the XFL level.

  4. Ummm…he is already a coach i a REAL football league. Talk about a demotion.

    I forgot to add this to my above comment. While I think Wade would win as HC at the XFL level why would he want to? I would think he would rather be the solid DC that he is at the NFL level. I can’t imagine that the money would be better in the XFL.

  5. Umm… why on Earth would you consider that to be a good move for Wade?! Especially after we all just watched the AAF not even make it through a full season with all coaching staffs and their families screwed over royally. That’s a job for a guy like Fisher who’s out of a job, not for a guy like Wade who is one of the best coordinators in the NFL.

  6. Why would you throw away a good job in the NFL for a head coaching job that will likely disappear in a month or two, after the XFL goes belly up again?

  7. If Wade went to the XFL and it failed quickly . . . he would easily get a D-coordinator job the very next day if he wanted. Of course from Wade’s perspective there could be other factors that would persuade him to stay in the NFL ($$) but job security isn’t going to be a huge factor.

  8. I can’t imagine a highly sought-after NFL coordinator taking any coaching job in the XFL.

  9. He’s not going to leave the NFL for the XFL. And considering his age and how many years he’s put into coaching, much closer to retirement than anything else.

  10. So they make a run at him and fail, then settle for their 2nd choice.
    Sounds like a good plan.

  11. He’s already failed as a HC. He’s got it made as the Rams DC. No need to move until retirement.

  12. I recall a laundry list of head coaches mentioned as potential hires during the off season. Wade wasn’t even on the list but of all of them he was the only one with a winning HC record…

  13. It’d be a pay cut, the players won’t be as good, and it’s lower profile than the NFL. Beyond that, a really great move for Wade.

  14. His daughter and son are in LA. One of the reasons he said he went to LA was because of his daughter. His son is coach with the Rams. Why at his age would he want to get involved in the XFL mess?

  15. McMahon has more wealth then most NFL owners. He has taken his time with the XFL and has legit football people in place. The XFL will work.

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