Zac Taylor surprised Bengals don’t have a Thursday game

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Zac Taylor will have to wait at least one more year to coach his first Thursday night game.

One of the quirks of the 2019 NFL schedule is that the Bengals have not been scheduled for any games on that night of the week. At a Friday press conference, Taylor acknowledged that players are unlikely to miss the short week that comes with such a game while also sharing his feeling that there are some good spots in the schedule for it.

“There’s good and bad with that,” Taylor said, via “I’m surprised that we don’t have a Thursday game. Players don’t love it. But then you have a mini-bye after it. You can look at it from any standpoint. If you have it earlier in the season and you’re healthy, then you can probably play well and then you get a little breather there that weekend. It is difficult if you draw that Thursday game in November or December. You’re beat up and you’ve got key players that are hurt. Now that can be a big disadvantage.”

Taylor’s first regular season game in his new job will come in Seattle, which is generally a tough place for opposing teams to play. Taylor knows from his time with the Rams that it will be a challenging game, but that it’s an “exciting test” for a team that was “going to have to open with somebody.”

19 responses to “Zac Taylor surprised Bengals don’t have a Thursday game

  1. Rapidly declining feather soft team with a long history of choking in primetime games now with a woefully inexperienced head coach with a staff of cronies and added only bargain basement scrapheap Mike Brown free agents. Why wouldn’t you want them on Thursday Night Football?!?

  2. Here’s hoping they don’t come in with nothing expected of them and play loose. Seahawks play worse against those type of teams then those that are supposed to beat them.

  3. patfanken says:
    April 19, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    I thought at least one Thursday night game per team was a REQUIREMENT. Are there any other teams who now have this unfair advantage.
    Bucs didn’t have a Thursday night game last season.

  4. Quick run through of the Bengals schedule and barring 1st year magic from Zacy see about a 3-13 record. And I’m a Bengals fan

  5. @dirtdog53,
    Laughable fans from a Laughable franchise. Trolling other teams. Love it
    Cleveland Clowns…..STILL the 3rd best team in Ohio by the Buckeyes.
    When the Browns win ANYTHING, call me. Until then, go back in your hole!

  6. Zac Taylor surprised Bengals don’t have a Thursday game

    Why would anyone be surprised? Even the Bengals fans aren’t surprised by this, maybe Zac should ask one of them why they don’t have a Thursday game, they’re smart enough to understand it, I’d think a HC would be too, but maybe I’m wrong!

    WOW what’s this say about the Bengals new leadership?

    There’s still a lot of trouble at the top in Cincy!

  7. How is Sean McVay supposed to grow a coaching tree when people keep taking the fruit before they ripen.

    It’s cool. There will be others. Many others.

  8. Like it or not, win six games and nobody is dying to watch you play. Small market teams don’t get much attention until they win a bunch of games.

  9. Bengalguy…you said call when the Browns win anything. Calling…they won both games against the Bengals by a ton last year. Yes the Bungles are laughable and so are their fans – you got part of it right.

  10. And to other Bengal fans I hope the team plays well for your sake. It’s always better when teams are competitive. I shouldn’t let one knucklehead (Bengalguy) taint my view of the fanbase in general. All teams have those fans. My bad. Good luck.

  11. The NFL is trying to grow TNF. Why include teams that suck? Not only do the Bungles suck, but their uniforms make my eyes hurt. Is there an uglier helmet anywhere?

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