Frank Clark trade talk continues

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We noted last weekend that there’s been talk around the NFL of the Seahawks trading defensive end Frank Clark. That talk seems to be getting louder as the draft approaches.

Multiple reports in recent days have said a Clark trade is possible. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that the Bills and Jets are interested in acquiring Clark. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Seahawks will demand “at least a first0round pick.”

Getting a first-round pick would be a tall order. Clark is probably looking for something in the neighborhood of the five-year, $90 million contract defensive end Trey Flowers got from the Lions. A team giving up a first-round pick and paying Clark that kind of money would have to absolutely love him as a player.

Seahawks G.M. John Schneider has spoken recently about how he likes making draft trades. The Seahawks have just four picks in this year’s draft, and the right package of picks might be enough to make them part ways with Clark.

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  1. Bills have more ammo draft wise in the form of 10 picks. Swapping 1st’s and adding a 3rd this year and a 2nd next year should do it. A 1st straight up is out of the question, nobody is doing that Seattle.

  2. This draft is supposed to be flush wit D-Linemen. Why trade a high pick for Clark and have to pay him on top of that, when a team can draft a quality lineman and have him cheaper for a few years at least?

  3. I barely heard the guy’s name before this offseason.
    Must be more of that West Coast bias. 😂

  4. First round might be (more) worth it if you expect to get a third round compensatory pick next year.

  5. They’ll take whatever they can get cuz they can’t afford to pay him. Besides, they got Russell Wilson so they don’t even need him.

  6. Having to give a guy a contract almost nullifies the benefit of having the player. 18 million a year? Lemme get this straight, I give up a first rounder and give up 18 million a year also. I get 1 player who will probably produce 10 million worth. I lose. The only way it’s worth it is if the guy performs at a 25+ million dollar level. Good luck with that.

  7. This draft is supposed to be flush wit D-Linemen. Why trade a high pick for Clark and have to pay him on top of that, when a team can draft a quality lineman and have him cheaper for a few years at least?

    Because it’s the Bills and Jets ready to be fleeced.

  8. billsbackto81 says:
    April 20, 2019 at 8:02 pm
    Bills have more ammo draft wise in the form of 10 picks. Swapping 1st’s and adding a 3rd this year and a 2nd next year should do it. A 1st straight up is out of the question, nobody is doing that Seattle.
    Hmm you would be giving up mid 1st round value with that offer. The Bills 1st pick is 1,350 points and Seattle`s is 800 so swapping that alone is 550 points or 35th pick value for Clark. If you add a 3rd this year & 2nd next you would be giving up the value of about the 16th pick.

  9. He is a poor man’s Khalil Mack and he netted almost two first rounders. It takes time to develop into an NFL pass rusher and Clark is there and only 25. I’d be shocked if someone didn’t give up a one… especially a team with a young, cheap QB who thinks they are close.

  10. Because it’s the Bills and Jets ready to be fleeced.
    Neither is getting fleeced. Neither is gonna give up a 1st and pony up a contract. Swap firsts? Maybe, but it would kill the Jets to swap 3 for 21. Buffalo swapping 9 for 21 is more feasible.

  11. Or maybe he isnt that good, thats why Schneider is willing to part with him.
    Buyer beware..

  12. I actually think this is the Seahawks going by the standard NFL front office negotiation playbook. Trying to put pressure on the player to move along contract talks.

  13. Hmm you would be giving up mid 1st round value with that offer. The Bills 1st pick is 1,350 points and Seattle`s is 800 so swapping that alone is 550 points or 35th pick value for Clark. If you add a 3rd this year & 2nd next you would be giving up the value of about the 16th pick
    Too rich? Gotta pay to play.

  14. We’re missing the obvious trade partner. That being the NY Giants. The Giants aren’t all that big on Haskins so they aren’t inclined to trade up for a QB. And Daniel Jones has too many question marks for their taste so you can count him out at pick 17. They really want a proven edge rusher that can stop the run. In other words, not a natural LB, but rather a nautral hand in the dirt DL. Problem is, they also have limited cap space. But looking forward their future cap space is a killer if they take two 1st rounders this year, especially if they have to pay a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 3 to 4 years. So the question is, do they trade one pick, keep one pick, and use this years cap and future savings to sign the best hand-down rusher in the league?

    Look for a blockbuster Thursday deal with Seattle. Pick 6, pick 17, and their 3rd rounder for Clark and Seattle’s 21st pick.

    Seattle grabs Rashan Gary or possibly Ed Oliver at 6, parlays pick 17 into a 2nd rounder and late 3rd/early 4th rounder and now what started as 4 picks for the draft becomes 6 picks, including a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

  15. Frank Clark said during the middle of last season that the Seattle D is now his D, not the D of Richard Charmin. Penny-pinching Mode is now getting into overdrive after overpaying shorty. Clark may not be playing for Seattle for long, at the most for another season because they cannot afford to franchise tag him a second time. LOL

  16. If I’m the Bills I offer a swap of firsts and say a 4th to me that is more than fair especially since they have to pay him prob 5years 90mil n hawks have no money.

  17. Mack is worth 2 #1’s but Clark ain’t worth 1? Seattle gets fleeced in every trade because John Schneider always tries to keep every contact happy while knowing he can outdraft 90% of the GMs in the middle rounds. Clark is def worth a 1, or they should just keep him on the 17 mil tag for a year and say thanks for your exceptional service under constant attack for ever even being drafted because of his off field issue prior to the draft. Frank has been a great player and teammate.

  18. Because of the depth at the DL positions, a team can probably draft a good one in the first round, and pay him 4 years of rookie contract money, so why pay megabucks for someone who also had an upper body injury last season.

  19. Didn’t this guy beat his girlfriend to a pulp a few years ago? And now someone is going to pay him 90 million? Unbelievable, should be behind bars…..

  20. raider got rid of maack at the right time…..seahawks trying to unload clark into a loaded draft….they arent going to get value….I think the best deal they can hope for is a trade of 1st round picks to get to the top end so they can draft a clark replacement with a lower budget……problem is aany team near the top willing to trade for clark can just pick the cheaper player….if clark is wont sign his tender hawks will be lucky to get a 2nd rounder……and thats where the raiders come into the picture

  21. I’ll be surprised if anyone trades a first-round pick for Clark. However, the Bears did give up two in order to trade for Mack so you just never know. They also had to give him a new contract so in essence this is a similar situation. I just don’t think there’s a team out there like the Bears this year that’s going to do that. Like another poster said, this draft is loaded with DL prospects so why trade away a chance to get one of them that you can pay very little on a rookie contract so you can bring in a guy you’ll have to give a contract in the range of $100M. I don’t see it happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to either settle for much less or flat out release him. I’m not sure they can afford to keep him since they broke the bank for Russell Wilson.

  22. Love how many people claim the Seahawks can’t afford to pay any player now that Wilson is signed.

    Seahawks have $135 mill committed in 2020, leaving $65-$75 mill in cap space.

    In 2021, Seahawks have $71 mill committed, leaving $120-$140 mill in cap space.

    In 2022, they have $42 mill committed (Russell is $37 mill of it), and figure to have $170-180 mill to spend on rest of team. Some guys may leave in FA, and Bobby Wagner may get paid… but they have plenty of flexibility.

    Green Bay paid A-a-ron pretty much the same salary last year as Wilson… and were so cash strapped they could “ONLY” spend $118 million over 4 years on edge ryshers in UFA.

    The cap is going up $10 mill per year in recent years, and may be even higher after TV/internet deals are redone after 2021. Gambling is on the horizon, and NFL owners are already looking at ways to add revenue with gambling… which will result in higher salary caps as well.

  23. I think the hawks keep him on the tag if they don’t get an offer they like. All the guys who think Clark is a middle of the road player haven’t watched him play. He is a beast. Sadly the hawks are exploring trading him because they are paying #3 so much. If no one offers a good deal they’ll pay him one year and see where the cards fall. He’ll net a 3 for the 2020 draft if they let him walk.

  24. tylawspick6 says:
    April 20, 2019 at 10:58 pm
    seattle could fleece someon

    he is not trey flowers

    Coming from a fan of the team which has fleeced us thoroughly in the past
    (e.g. Deion Branch), our response is…in the words of The Who,
    “we won’t get fooled again!”

  25. Dee Ford netted a 2nd rounder and a future one at that. Let’s say that’s par for the course on this on type of deal – for the obvious reason in professional sports that a player under team control is worth more in draft compensation than someone who’s contract is basically up and playing on a tag. Clark hasn’t signed his tender and no team will trade for him unless an acceptable contract structure is in place. I’d say its unlikely that a team would be willing to deal a 1st straight up, but let’s say there is. In my opinion no one with a pick higher than the Raiders at 24 would be interested (except in the case of a swap of some kind). You never know what the Raiders will do. They could easily trade a 1st and afford to pay Clark. So could the Colts at 26. Kansas City is unlikely, because after they could have re-signed Ford in a similar situation. Chargers, Pats, GB, Rams dont have a lot of cap space.

  26. If I’m Seattle NO way am I “swapping” anything. The guy is 25, had 13 sacks and another in the playoff game. I want a first AND a 3rd.

  27. Chances are that if they pay Clark a certain amount, then they have to pay Bobby Wagner even more than what they pay Clark. Clark will make more this season under the franchise tag than Wagner will make. Wagner probably thinks that he is a better player than Clark, and if GM Snide tells him Wagner does not deserve more money than Clark, then Wagner would likely become a free agent.

  28. It would make sense for a team like the Chiefs, who have a pressing need at the position but picking at a spot where the top edge rushers are likely gone.

  29. Funny how people try down play Clark’s talent even though he is just about to enter his prime. The guy sat behind Bennett and Avril at their peak but still made huge impacts in run and pass game.

    If it wasnt for the 20 million dollar plus price tag I would love for Seattle to pay him. He is the only proven edge rusher on a defense that doesn’t blitz much.

    High first round pick would in this draft class would offset such a loss because of the talent there.

  30. Clark should demand a trade to New England where in exchange for a ring, he takes a 75% pay cut. Bill will manage to talk Seattle into swapping a 5th for a 7th and a conditional 4th next year.

  31. ilovetalkingsports says:
    April 20, 2019 at 8:11 pm
    New England is a good fit, not for a 1st tho,

    If the Patriots were willing to pay that much salary on the position they would have kept Flowers.

  32. I think a first is a little too steep but you can’t compare him to a 1st rounder. You aren’t drafting a 13 sack rookie outside of maybe Bosa and that’s a big if. If you are close and you need a piece for your defense then maybe a later 1st rounder gets you over the hump. Maybe you draft a guy with Clark’s ability but he isn’t going to be ready for a year or two. You take Clark if you need help now or if you are trying to turn a team around and show the fans you are willing to bring in some quality players. Having a top pass rusher locked up during his prime is worth quite a bit…maybe a 1st rounder.

  33. I’m guessing Seattle is looking to trade Clark to compensate for their lack of draft picks. Besides, why pay a so so DL big money when you can draft rookies to field a defense that won’t be solid even with Clark! Move him and Wagner. Start over!

  34. How many of these 1st rd pass rushers will turn out to be NFL busts? 2 of 5.
    How many of these 1st rd pass rushers will be decent players? 2 of 5.
    How many will reach Frank Clark impact? 1 of 5.

    Frank Clark is a game changer. Seattle has been fools the past couple of years and only has 4 draft selections. They need picks. I could see a high 2nd and high 3rd round for Clark.

    Clark is a beast. Entering his prime. He’s a sure thing.
    How many of those pass rushers will be Frank Clark? 1 of those 5.
    Do you want to roll the dice? Go for it and hope you hit 1 of 5.
    Do you want a sure thing? You make the deal and pay da’ man his money.

    not that difficult of a decision.

  35. If the FC tag and RW extension result in the departure of Bobby Wagner it’s going to make a lot of Seahawks fans upset. It would be a real shame for that fanbase to see a guy like him playing in any other uniform.

  36. Jets should give up Leonard Williams, a 3rd round pick, and a future 3rd rounder for him. Jets wont have to worry about paying 14+ mil to Leonard who has consistently not lived up to his potential, and Seattle at least still gets a solid player, even if hes clearly not as good. No one is dumb enough to give up a 1st round pick for him and pay 18-20 mil with all the pass rushing talent available, so this will probably be the best deal they can get.

  37. If Seattle were to sign Frank to something like 4 years 86 million. Bobby Wagner would say ‘I’m outta here unless I get 86 as well’. This would end up with a Wags trade (actually getting 86’d) instead of Clark and would go against every fabric of the Schneider/Carroll era. Bobby Wagner is the ultimate high class star every team dreams of…………but he might be at that tipping point where injuries start nagging weekly. This would be a Belichick like move making a decision based only on potential future output and availability.

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