Sean Lee: I had to find a way to come back and help in any way

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Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said after the season ended in Los Angeles that he needed time “to figure things out” regarding his future. It turns out, it didn’t take Lee long.

Although his return didn’t become official until he agreed to a restructured contract in March, Lee made his decision to play a 10th season long before that.

“After the season, some of the injury issues and frustration dealing with that, I needed to take a little time after the season to figure out where I was and what I wanted to do,” Lee said on 105.3 The Fan. “But literally it took me maybe four or five days where I’m like look at the type of team we have, some of these teammates are great friends of mine who I love coming to work with [and] look at the opportunity we have ahead of us. And I felt so blessed to be part of this organization, to have fans support us, support me. I said I had to find a way to come back to try to help in any way I can.”

The Cowboys are paying for Lee’s leadership as much as they are for his on-field contribution. Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith now are the team’s top linebackers, with Lee in a backup role.

Lee, 32, has not found a way to stay healthy, missing nine games last season and 51 in his career. But maybe seeing fewer snaps will help keep him out of the training room.

10 responses to “Sean Lee: I had to find a way to come back and help in any way

  1. Guy could still play at first string level, if healthy, imo. But being injured has become most likely scenario. He can handle a back up roll, but when the Cowboys try to give him one of their studs’ snaps the Cowboys suffer.

  2. And to add, I see him being a top level coach in this league eventually, maybe even leading his home club

  3. He needs to retire and be the Cowboys LB Coach. He’s a brilliant linebacker because of his knowledge and understanding of the game, and it’s not a fluke that LVE and Jaylon Smith have developed so well, with him in their meetings and being a good teammate and coaching them up.

  4. He needs not to retire. The tank needs to be dry for him. Fumes from a Lee = better then 70 percent of LB’S in the game.
    you may proceed now …..

  5. I read an article about what Lee has done to get back
    on the field. It was apparent that he worked almost 12 hours a
    day to get back. He spent hours in the facility rehabbing.
    Then more time in hyperbaric chamber,massages, stretching;
    It was obvious he worked as hard as anyone to get healthy.
    I can’t help but hope he can contribute on the field as he
    so desires. On other side it was apparent, that even if he
    could not get on the field, he gave his best advice and coaching
    to the young players replacing him.

    doesn’t his injuries lightly and gives his best to help the team..

  6. Whats so sad is his desire and talent were top shelf and his body just wouldn’t

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