Amari Cooper on contract: Cowboys active about it, want to get it done

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones gave an update last week about the team’s conversations with wide receiver Amari Cooper about a new contract and Cooper got a chance to share his side of things over the weekend.

Cooper said he’s “more focused on actually playing and really earning the respect and then the contract,” but has been in touch with his agent from time to time about where things stand.

“My agent has probably talked to me three or four times about where we are in the process,” Cooper said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I really don’t think about it much. I feel like we have time. … I feel like they’re active about it and they want to get it done.”

Cooper has also noticed the way other deals have lifted the top end of the pay scale for wideouts. He said he’s happy about that and feels like he’s “in a good place” on all counts heading into the 2019 season.

12 responses to “Amari Cooper on contract: Cowboys active about it, want to get it done

  1. Good to see him so lax about all this. One of the things I was worried about when we signed him was how he would act during the contract negotiations because we had only had him such a short time and didn’t really get a bead on what kind of guy he was. The fact he is focused on football and seems to have little to no concern about getting an extension before the season start is a huge positive for me.

  2. Guy takes plays off and has a huge problem with drops. He had a decent season after his trade because he was angry it happened and was motivated. Once he gets paid and the motivation goes away. He will be the same ol Coop.

  3. Cowboys gave up a #1 for a receiver needing a second contract…..but a top pass rusher in Frank Clark waiting for a 2nd contract isn’t worth the same or more? This makes absolutely 0 sense. Clark is a better pass rusher than Cooper is a receiver. If Clark had started his career with Dallas instead of Seattle and this scenario was happening exactly how it is now……Frank would covet a 1st and a 2nd in a trade. Playing in Seattle hurts even the Seahawks during trade talks.

  4. This team has been assembled using some high character. Amari Cooper is a high character guy. Love the direction this team is going. Coop is an absolute beast and maybe the best route runner in the game, it is a marvel watching him play the game.

  5. Amari Cooper is the real deal. He is going to break out this season and the Jones’ want to lock up that contract before he gets too expensive. Raiders really messed up. You don’t trade players like Mack and Cooper. You build a team around those guys.

  6. “sportoficionado says:
    April 22, 2019 at 1:43 pm
    This team has been assembled using some high character.”

    Wasn’t Ezekiel Elliott suspended for 6 games for beating up his girlfriend? Didn’t he come under further suspicion for pulling down a woman’s top, without consent, at a St. Patrick’s day celebration? As always, Cowboys’ fans definition of “high character” is questionable when it comes to key contributors to the team’s success. I am not arguing whether Zeke is a talented football player, as he clearly is, he just would never register as a high character player in my book!

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