Chiefs may be a team to watch for Frank Clark trade

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There was a report that the chances of a trade involving Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark had died down a week ago, but it flared back up again a short time later and appears to still be very much alive.

A recent report pegged the Bills and Jets as teams interested in making a deal for Clark, but it appears there’s some buzz connecting the Chiefs to a deal as well.

In this week’s Football Morning in America, Peter King projects the Chiefs trading the 29th and 63rd picks to the Seahawks in order to acquire Clark. Albert Breer of also has the Chiefs as a team to watch closely in a Monday column and mentions the Seahawks are looking for the first- and second-round picks that are included in the projected trade.

Both reports mention Clark’s guilty plea for disorderly conduct following a domestic violence arrest as a potential issue for the Chiefs after recent incidents involving former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt and current Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Both also agree that the Chiefs’ need for a boost to their pass rush could trump other concerns before Thursday night is out.

15 responses to “Chiefs may be a team to watch for Frank Clark trade

  1. It’s now been 4 years since Frank Clark’s plea deal for “disorderly conduct,” for something that happened while he was in college.

    Every team should do their due diligence, but I think that’s a pretty good period of time to show that that type of thing is unlikely to happen again during his career.

  2. It would be hard to imagine the chiefs taking on such a hefty contract. If a one year deal is on the table that’s cool, but there are way to many great D players in the draft, I’d rather they trade up and grab some potential than bring on such a big contract.

  3. Why would the Chiefs trade Ford and then trade for Clark?

    Because Ford is injury-prone and didn’t ball out until his contract year.

  4. Agreeing with others here, why would the Chiefs let Dee Ford go for just a 2020 second round pick in return and then pay a 2019 first rounder (and more?) for Frank Clark? If that’s even an upgrade at all, it isn’t a big enough one to be worth that big cost difference.

  5. So this is a story because one media guy is reporting on another media guy’s speculation? I get that the offseason is tough for those reporting NFL news, but this is a serious reach. The season cannot possibly come soon enough.

  6. Ford had one good year and was prone to injury. He’s 29. Clark has had 4 very consistent from great to elite years and he’s 25. Clark also knows the 4-3 and has played it. Not sure I would trade the 26th pick (not sure if it’s exactly that number) and my 60 something. But you still have your second 60 something where you could pick up a wide receiver (which this draft is loaded with). Just depends on how they want to go. They need to fill the gap in pass rush – regardless.

  7. While Frank Clark fits better into the Chiefs 4-3 defense than Dee Ford did, it still doesn’t make sense to trade Ford for a 2nd rounder and then give up a 1st for Clark and his contract. They might think Clark is more consistent though, as Ford was sort of a one-year wonder. There’s still no way the Chiefs give up more than they got in return for Ford.

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