Dwayne Haskins will shed knee brace in NFL

Getty Images

Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins doesn’t agree with knocks on his mobility. Still, the Heisman finalist who is destined to become only the third Ohio State quarterback taken in round one is determined to improve his mobility at the next level, by ditching a key piece of equipment.

“I wore a knee brace during the season which I hated because it made me feel very limited in my mobility but I won’t be wearing one on the NFL so,” Haskins said during a visit Monday’s #PFTPM, courtesy of our friends at Old Spice.

“I wore it as for safety, for health precautions, because I didn’t want to get hurt,” Haskins explained. “Coach did make sure I wore it, whether it was at practice or walk through the T-shirts, I wore the knee brace all the time because he didn’t want me to get hurt during the season.”

He’ll throw caution to the wind in the NFL.

“I’m going to shed it,” Haskins said of the brace. “I’ll probably wear something smaller or just something to help [protect against] injury but I probably won’t wear the big bulky one anymore, for sure.”

Even with the brace, the concerns regarding Haskins’ mobility are overblown. He won’t be running 40 yards in a straight line during NFL games (unless something very good or very bad happens), and he can run well enough to avoid pressure and keep the play alive, long enough to find an open receiver.