John Lynch: Robbie Gould may not report soon, but he’ll be here

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Before Stephen Gostkowski signed a new contract with the Patriots, there was word that the 49ers were interested in the veteran kicker.

The team has a veteran kicker of its own, but Robbie Gould has neither signed his franchise tag nor given an indication of when he might join the team. The interest in Gostkowski suggested the 49ers were open to pulling the tag and moving on without Gould.

At his Monday press conference, 49ers General Manager John Lynch confirmed the team did “due diligence” on Gostkowski and said he thinks the word of their interest “quickly got the Patriots to lock him down.” He also said Gould is going to be the team’s kicker whenever he does decide to report to the team.

“Robbie’s a guy who works extremely hard at his craft,” Lynch said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “And by virtue of his position, he can do that wherever he is. He can do it in Santa Clara. He can do it in Chicago … Robbie is going to be a part of us this coming year, I know that.”

Gould is second all-time in field goal percentage with Gostkowski just behind him. Other available options don’t have that track record, which makes it unlikely Lynch will change his tune.

6 responses to “John Lynch: Robbie Gould may not report soon, but he’ll be here

  1. Hopefully we’ll need more of his services on extra points rather than FG’s.

  2. I hope Gould holds out. Lynch is proving to be an incapable clown of John Elwayesque proportions.

  3. I would like to see the player who scored the TD, kick the extra point. On field goals, the player kicking the ball would have been on the field on the previous down. This would eliminate the specialist.

  4. Lynch is doing a great job. Took a barren team and has turned them into a contender in three years. And we have the best kicker in the NFL, sorry Bears.

  5. He’s just a kicker. They are a dime a dozen. If he’s practicing in Chicago, he’s doing it out of spite!

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