Travis Frederick won’t know how well comeback is going until pads are on

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Cowboys center Travis Frederick is back working with his teammates in the team’s offseason program after missing all of last season when he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Frederick said that the thought he’d never be able to play again crossed his mind after being diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, but began to feel otherwise once he started seeing progress in his treatment. That progress has him on track to return to the lineup this year, although Frederick is unsure of what kind of player he’ll be once he’s back.

Frederick had shoulder and hernia surgeries and said he’s easing into work “to make sure that everything’s healthy” before he gets to a point where he can really make sure that he’s all the way back.

“We’ll have some stuff modified in OTAs, but most of that is for the shoulder,” Frederick said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You don’t want to re-injure something while it’s coming back from the surgery. But as far as on the field, I feel good, and in the weight room in my other auxiliary lifts, I’m doing really well there as well. So for the most part, I feel really good. We won’t know until I get out there and put the pads on and take my first rep whether or not it’s going to go well.”

It will be some time before Frederick reaches that point and the hope in Dallas is that he’ll be the same player he was before his career was interrupted last summer.

10 responses to “Travis Frederick won’t know how well comeback is going until pads are on

  1. Eagles fan here- Travis, get well on back on that field as soon as you can. Love the way you compete.

  2. I don’t think the Cowboys were were expecting that response from Frederick
    It doesn’t sound like he’s even close to being ready sounds like you lost his confidence

  3. Actually, “Jumbo” Joe Loney, filling in as backup starting center unexpectedly, was the 2018 Cowboys unsung hero, team MVP. He played exceedingly well in place of Fredrick. Very happy with his performance. So if Fredrick is less than 100% and just needs a little more time, I’m fully on board with doing that. I’m not saying Loney was elite like Fredrick, but let’s just say that the play of center would be near the bottom if you rank-ordered a list of team problems.

  4. Travis Fredrick is a very cerebral football player and even smarter human being. He is being careful and deliberate with his return to competitive play, nothing wrong with that. I fully expect him to be back this year and be the player he has been throughout his tenure. Jumbo Joe held the role admirably last year, but its nice to have Fredbeard back at center.

  5. As a Redskins fan, I hold the Cowboys in proper low regard. But here’s hoping that Travis Frederick has a long healthy life, multiple Pro Bowls, and another All-Pro or two.

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