Bears know they’re among “the hunted” now

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After last year’s surprising success, the Bears are one of the teams people want to see in 2019, among the teams with five prime-time games.

They also know there’s a target on them now that wasn’t there a year ago.

During an appearance alongside running back Tarik Cohen, Bears chairman George McCaskey said they relished the role.

“As coach [Matt] Nagy said, we’re the hunted now,” McCaskey said, via Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. “He welcomes that, and I’m sure Tarik and his teammates do also.”

The first one will kick off the season, as they host the Packers to celebrate the league’s 100th season. They’re hoping it isn’t a repeat of last year, when a big lead vanished and they lost 24-23 to their NFC North rivals.

“We came out the way we wanted to come out and we didn’t finish the game,” Cohen said. “That still is unfinished business. We know this time we have to finish the game.”

And for 15 weeks after that, they’ll have to stay at that level if they’re to meet expectations.

17 responses to “Bears know they’re among “the hunted” now

  1. Really looking forward to this season. Last years mantra was “Worst to First”. This year. “Superbowl”… How bout it…

  2. As a Vikings fan this is exactly how I see it. They won the division last year, so they are the team to beat in the NFC North. I know a lot of people have fun throwing rocks at the Packers, but the truth is, the team to beat right now for us in Chicago. Good luck to both teams may the best team win.

  3. No offense but the drama that comes out of these young players is at once good to see and ridiculous at the same time. No, the Bears are not “among the hunted”. I am from Chicago and remember the ’86-’87 campaign when they did not make the SB but Chicagoans were saying “But we beat the eventual winners in the middle of the season so we are actually the champs.” No. No. No.

    Ok so you came within a moment of advancing. You still haven’t proven anything until you do. So prove it. If that motivates you…great. But remember….

    JAX was good a year ago too. Prove it on the field.

  4. The Bears are a very good team with one notable exception — Trubiscuit. No one fears him.

  5. joetoronto says:
    April 23, 2019 at 11:17 am
    The Bears have no cap room, no QB and therefore no hope.
    They got Macked.
    As people have seen over and over, you can navigate the salary cap and sign talent. The problem far more often is finding talented players. If it was all about the salary cap, the teams with the most money available would become extremely good within a couple of years, which has hardly been the case, and you still have teams that are supposedly in “cap hell” that are able to keep talent and still find more in free agency and remain competitive.

  6. They are North champs. Yes, they’re hunted until someone in the North dethrones them. Easy as that. Everything else is internet fan chatter.

    Go Pack.

  7. They won the NFC North last season and, they are the team to beat for the Title. I guess you can say they are the hunted. They had some narrow escapes last season and, they are defensively oriented but, they lost their DC and, that will have a negative impact in that Unit. How bad of an impact remains to be seen. The battle for the North will come down to Chicago and Minnesota.

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