Bears say they have no “pressing need” for a running back

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The Bears have five picks at their disposal in this year’s draft and Tarik Cohen said on Monday that he expects the team to use one of them on a running back after trading Jordan Howard to the Eagles earlier this year.

While Howard is gone, the team did sign former Seahawk Mike Davis as a free agent and General Manager Ryan Pace did his best to throw attention to other areas during Tuesday’s pre-draft press conference.

“There’s no pressing, huge need. We can honestly pick the best player available,” Pace said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune.

Taquan Mizzell and Ryan Nall are also on the Bears roster at running backs. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson also saw a lot of time out of the backfield with the Patriots last season.

14 responses to “Bears say they have no “pressing need” for a running back

  1. Watching him in New England last year, I would just give Cordarrelle Patterson a number 24 jersey and make him a full time RB. Forget the WR experiment. Hand him the ball and let him do what he does best.

  2. The Bears are in my teams division and I couldn’t even name one of their running backs before reading this story. But sure, I hope they don’t draft one.

  3. I can’t remember the last time the Bears didn’t have a specific need in the draft. What a great positin to be in.

    Good luck Packers, Lions and BiQueens fans. The Bears are for real and your teams are all disfunctional.

  4. It’s a passing league and the Bears have a really good young QB, and he continues to get better and better every week. The way they’re trending they’ll probably be wearing out opposing defenses by the 4th quarter, an average RB should be able to rack up easy yards and run down the clock.

  5. Which means they are looking for one.

    I’d tell the truth if I were a GM. Everyone lies so everyone else assumes the opposite. Do a reverse psychology thing.

    NY Giants : We ARE drafting a QB with the 1st pick. Hmmmmm…I’d be thinking no way Gettleman would ever play his hand like that so they must be looking Oline or D.

  6. “I can’t remember the last time the Bears didn’t have a specific need in the draft”


    Just because someone says you don’t have “needs” doesn’t mean it is fact.

    Of course RB is a “need” for the Bears in this draft. The problem is you don’t have a pick until #87 in the draft. Players that could provide immediate impact and a fill a hole for the Bears will be gone by the time the Bears make their first pick.

    I’d suggest drafting a CB at #87, another need you are choosing to ignore.

    The Bears don’t even have a kicker at this point.

    Ryan Pace is obviously trying to tamp down expectations. I see at least one member of the Bears fan base bought a lot of what Pace is trying to sell them.

    See you September 5th Bears fans.

    We are so looking forward to it.✊👊




  7. How is anyone excited about Patterson? The best coach in the history of football with the best QB in the history of football managed to game plan a whopping 475 total yards from scrimmage. That’s less total yards than he got in 3 out of his 4 seasons in MN.

    The guy was a gimmick player and excellent KR under the old rules… the new rules has turned him into only a gimmick player.

    Plus, I don’t think he has the intelligence to learn the playbook.

  8. charliecharger says:
    He looked horrible against every playoff team he played. With their 1st place schedule I expect him to have a Tampa Bay Trent Dilfer like season.

  9. They’ll reach and draft a running back based on need. Bears missing the playoffs this year anyway. They lost their DC to Denver.

  10. You can never have enough RBs, and you have to wonder about Cohen’s durability given his size. He’s an awesome RB though.

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