Bruce Arians on Bucs’ schedule: It’s ridiculous


Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians understandably is not happy with his team’s schedule and voiced his displeasure to the league office.

“Am I happy about it? Hell, no. I think it’s ridiculous,” Arians said, via Greg Auman of

The Bucs play seven weeks in between games in Tampa, with the Raiders also getting the same stretch without a game in Oakland.

After playing two of their first three at home, the Bucs play the Rams and the Saints on the road before making their trip to London to “host” the Panthers.

After their post-London bye, the Bucs then go to Tennessee and Seattle.

“They didn’t do us any favors,” Arians said. “Make it a chip on your shoulder and just say ‘Hey, this is what it is. This is the schedule. We’ll show up and we’ll play.'”

NFL V.P. of broadcasting Michael North said last week he wishes for a do-over at producing the schedules for the Bucs and Raiders.

19 responses to “Bruce Arians on Bucs’ schedule: It’s ridiculous

  1. >>NFL V.P. of broadcasting Michael North said last week he wishes for a do-over at producing the schedules for the Bucs and Raiders.

    Call me stupid, but isn’t it YOUR job to do this right?

    Try this at work:
    Next time you make a big mistake at work and get chewed out, tell your manager “Yeah, I’d love a redo on that one.”

    Tell us how it works out for you.

  2. If they come out of those games with a .500 record, all the talk will be how lucky they are to finish out the season with almost all their games at home as the weather turns in the North.

  3. So a computer does the actual schedules and then humans(many of them) are supposed to catch anything like this.

    So the questions are:
    1) how do you look at a teams schedule and not even notice there is 7 games in-between home games? And it’s not like it was just one team!
    2) why even have those people if they can’t catch something this obvious!
    3) is there a single one of them that can make a case to keep their job?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIRE the whole lot of them including their supervisor!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. A few years ago the Eagles played 4 teams coming off their bye week…a few teams get screwed each year. But Dallas usually seems to get two Thursday games in a row….hmmmm

  5. This guy is the worst. Maybe the nfl coaches can employ a “WWBD” mantra. What Would Bill Do? If belichick wouldn’t complain about it, you shouldn’t either. Exactly how is this helping anything? If you want to call up the league office and give them a piece of your mind, please do. You should! It’s BS. But enough of the public whining.

  6. If he wasn’t such a liar he wouldn’t have had to worry about it, Bruce Arians, “I will only coach the Cleveland Browns” Tampa Bay Bucs make a phone call, “Hello, Bruce” “I’ll take it”! well we haven’t offered anything but you’re hired……
    Bruce Arians is a liar it’s just a fact……

  7. Whoever did these schedules and then signed off on them should be demoted. Ariens has a very valid point, that really is stupid to have to play a schedule like that. Home games make a difference and thats why most teams prefer having a home field in the playoffs.

  8. Wow, the Self Proclaimed Maven of Football just can’t keep his mouth shut. Seriously, from the day he was hired this buffoon just can’t help himself. Oh how all of this is going to bite him as the media and fans simply don’t forget.

  9. If he is known to make excuses, he will fit right in with this team…
    For decades many in this team’s fan base have become well established at excuses…

    It’s Raheem
    It’s Schiano
    It’s Lovie
    It’s Koetter
    It’s poor Coaching
    It’s the defense
    It’s the o-line
    It’s poor running game
    It’s the schedule

    The main thing many defend is qb… which hasn’t deserved it…
    Freeman – out of the league
    Glennon – bounces around
    Winston – Who knows with his rep. but likely not a starter

  10. The great coaches never give the players a built in excuse. Every team in league is given 8 home games and 8 road games with a bye week between week 1 and 17. You deal with it. Thank your owner for the London home game.

  11. I used to like Arians, but he has really gotten annoying lately. His crabby old man routine has really gotten stale….

  12. For anyone curious how this happened, they made the same mistake with Oakland, Oakland and Tampa bay both have London games, for both games, they are listed as the “home” team. On Paper, it looked like it was ok, wrong.

    More funny though, Arians left Az and was happy to work at a franchise that was “closer to his home.” lmao

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