Danny Amendola’s presence should help Kenny Golladay

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The Lions signed Danny Amendola not only for his ability in the slot but also for his leadership and his familiarity with Matt Patricia’s way of doing things.

Amendola already is rubbing off on his new teammates.

“We’re still just figuring each other out, but I know one thing, his work ethic is crazy,” third-year receiver Kenny Golladay said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “It’s through the roof. He wants to push everyone. And when you have a guy like that, a vet guy, a savvy vet, you just really want to follow up under him. I’m not going to let him go out there and out-run me.”

Golladay, a third-round pick in 2017, made 70 catches for 1,063 yards and five touchdowns in 2018. The Lions, though, have a new coordinator in Darrell Bevell, who has brought a new scheme.

“The challenge is just picking up where I left off,” Golladay said. “Don’t become complacent, you know. Just need to keep my same focus and that’s what I’m going to do.”

9 responses to “Danny Amendola’s presence should help Kenny Golladay

  1. Patricia and Quinn are m0r0ns! Stop bringing washed up Patriot personnel to my Lions!!

    MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONEPLAYOFFWININ62YEARS!!!!!!!

  2. Seen the same thing said about Trey Flowers on the defensive side today. People might not like the money that was spent on the two but having that kind of work ethic is invaluable for the younger players to see. One thing thats consistent with winning teams is a team mentality that everybody buys into. Hopefully this is a start

  3. I loathe them all. I haven’t even looked at the schedule I’m so done in. Matt Patricia was not an upgrade over Jim Caldwell, which is odd because under Caldwell 9 – 7 wasn’t good enough, but under Patricia 7 – 9 is progress. What?

  4. “One thing thats consistent with winning teams is a team mentality that everybody buys into. Hopefully this is a start”

    What? The Lions have been a losing team for over six decades. How long are you going to say hopefully this is a start? Just another miserable season coming up.

  5. Danny Amendola’s presence should help Kenny Golladay

    Why? Amendola is and always was an over-rated WR, he never really did much, 689yd was his best season and he never had more than 4TD/yr! I don’t know what Miami saw in him last year to give him the kind of money they did, $8.25mil guaranteed and he bacially got that for one year since he’s not with them any longer.

  6. Lots of people said Golladay was a very solid option at WR. In buffalo, we decided to take Zay jones (in the 2nd round)and also give up draft capital to move up and get him. the “process” is a joke.

  7. Getting even a little bit of consistency out of the OL and Stafford will make Golladay into a star. The odds of that aren’t great though.

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