Frank Clark: “Seattle used me for everything I had”

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Frank Clark is happy to be paid, and happy to be a Chief, but has left Seattle with the same bad taste other defensive stars have in recent years.

Clark told ESPN’s Josina Anderson “I wanted to be somewhere where I’m wanted, where I’m appreciated.”

The Chiefs giving him a new five-year contract extension (worth a reported 105.5 million with 63.5 million guaranteed) ought to prove how they valued him, but he looked back at a recent stretch of players who left Seattle on less-than-good terms.

The Seahawks used the franchise tag to secure Clark for the short term, but never seemed inclined to do the kind of deal the Chiefs were.

“They had other plans,” Clark said of the Seahawks. “It got to a point where Seattle had used me for everything I had for them already. At the end of the day it’s a business, . . . Look down the history. When you’re playing in Seattle it’s not common that they plan to have players around for the long run. It’s obvious. It’s evident. . . . But I’m blessed and thankful to be part of their organization.

“It just sucks that we weren’t able to get something done because they knew how I felt about being in Seattle and how I felt about my future, and I feel like at the end of the day it was all ignored. But it is part of the business, . . .and you have to play your cards right in this game.”

Clark also said that to complete the deal with the Chiefs, his new extension was “gonna have to be more than” DeMarcus Lawrence‘s $105 million deal with the Cowboys, and when the full details emerge, we’ll see how that compares.

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  1. >$1M/sack is the going rate? I don’t see that as high-value.
    Sacks < Touchdowns
    Sacks < Interceptions
    Sacks < Forced Fumbles

  2. If every player on every team got the deal they wanted to make them feel ‘loved” we would need a salary cap of about $350 Million!!!

    I respect market values of most things but I will never shed a tear for a player in any sport they are all pretty well paid for what they do.

  3. The Seahawks paid guys like Sherman and Thomas well with their second contracts.

    They just paid their Franchise QB and only have 4 draft picks this year. Trading Clark to a team willing to pay him and give up valuable draft capital was a no-brainer.

    Frank, if you’re mad bro perhaps you shouldn’t have made it clear to the team you were going to hold out instead of signing your franchise tender? It goes both ways.

  4. Congratulations to Frank. He should consider being grateful to have played w great teammates and coaches. Tough for any team to get 3 players in the $20+ mil per year salary range. Still need a few other players on the field.

  5. In a salary cap league, success is determined by the degree to which players outperform their contract. When a player generates 13 sacks on a $1M contract like Clark did last year, that’s a ton of value-add. When that player suddenly costs literally 20 times as much … well, it’s just better to have the draft picks and the new cheap labor they bring.

    Not that Clark really lost out here, mind you. Seattle wouldn’t give him the contract but they did give him the opportunity and coaching to help him earn the contract.

  6. I wish someone would “use” me for $4 million for four years of service. That’s got to be tough.

  7. Well Frank…organizations who let emotion rule their salary cap management tend to not win. Check out how the Patriots manage their roster.

  8. The CAP is killing the Seahawks. This had nothing to do with the new contract or the Seahawks ‘using’ him. He did his job and he just got paid… a lot more than the Seahawks could give him. Now, they need to go sign Bobby Wagner and move on to the season.

  9. Chiefs got a 2nd for Dee Ford, but paid a 1st and 2nd for Clark AND had to make him (one of) the highest paid defensive player(s) in NFL history. Someone explain that math to me.

  10. Great, the way this guy is yapping he’s insinuating that he’s got nothing left in his tank. He laid it all out for the Seahawks and he’s demanding the Chiefs make him feelz better with big bucks.

    Major CF by Veach.

  11. Or, in an alternate universe, the Seahawks took a chance on a person of low character, counseled you, coached you up, minimized your snaps to preserve your body, then cashed in for a 1st and a 2nd and allowed you to get overpaid to the tune of about $30 million dollars over 5 years. Enjoy Kansas City.

  12. He’ll soon find out that playing in the AFCW is not like the NFCW! When production drops is going to give back to the Chiefs?

  13. Seattle did absolutely nothing wrong here. You can’t pay everyone and they should only be signing their self identified core players to long-term deals. Belichick has done the same thing for years, letting people like Chandler Jones, Ty Law, Richard Seymour, Trey Flowers, Nate Solder either walk or get traded. Seattle actually one upped Belichick here, getting a 1st and 2nd round pick for a player who would walk in 2020 with only a 3rd round supplemental pick in return. This was a fleecing.

  14. jshawaii22 says:
    The CAP is killing the Seahawks. This had nothing to do with the new contract or the Seahawks ‘using’ him. He did his job and he just got paid… a lot more than the Seahawks could give him. Now, they need to go sign Bobby Wagner and move on to the season.
    Right. I’ve been hearing this since 2014. The Seahawks have $25.7 million in cap space right now, and after they June 1 cut Kam Chancellor they’ll have $30 million this year and $77 million next year, which is more than enough to re-sign Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed and a lot of other guys if they want. How is the cap “killing” them?

  15. This is the same guy who fell off of multiple draft boards because of character concerns. The Seahawks took him with the 63rd pick and were roasted by many, including local media, for doing so. They gave him a chance, one that he openly asked for, and he turned that into enough financial security to last him a lifetime.

    And he’s complaining?

  16. Let me see if I understand this correctly. The chiefs recently cut a star player who beat up his girlfriend, are considering releasing their star receiver who may have broken his three year old kids arm, now they give a guy $100 million plus who only a few years ago beat his girlfriend to a pulp? What a completely classless and stupid move. Love Mahomes but I am seriously cheering against these guys now…..

  17. I really liked Clark the player…but I REALLY like what they got for him. Schneider is a genius. Especially with the defensive line talent in this draft. Should be able to replace him with a young guy AND nab a talented WR now. I’m impressed with the Seattle front office.

  18. Basically, the Chiefs can do this because they have the young QB on the team friendly deal. The Seahawks obviously are not able to anymore because they had to pay theirs two contracts agoe. Next two years is the Chiefs’ window to win it all if it’s going to plausibly happen before they have to pay Mahomes.

  19. Just the comment that his new extension was “gonna have to be more than” DeMarcus Lawrence‘s $105 million deal, tells you exactly what his mindset was. He wanted more than the other guy. It didn’t matter how much that was, as long as he was getting more. That tells me his ego is driving him not his love for the game. Now that he has his money I bet his effort drops off along with his production. That kind of bums me out because I thought the guy was more genuine than that. But once again it points out how big of an influence Michael Bennett was on him.

    Either way I wish him well and a long healthy career. Next man up…. TWO first rounders. Time to parlay one of them into a 2nd and 3rd rounder this year. Or use them both to move up and grab Quinnen Williams, the next Aaron Donald.

  20. It’s springtime and the haters are in full-bloom on here. Sheesh! Good for Clark. And Go Chiefs!

  21. If Penny-pinching Mode give Clark more money than D. Lawrence of Dallas, they would have to give Bobby Wagner a similar amount, and they simply cannot afford to have both Clark and Wagner making so much money after overpaying Shorty. Jarran Reed is not likely to come close to what Clark is making, since he does not have similar sack totals in his resume.

  22. OmeiMontis, Clark, and Lawrence are young DE’s. Wagner is an aging MLB. Jaren Reed is a DT. Toalally different positions

  23. People have to understand if Clark really wanted to stay he would’ve taken the deal he was offered and not ask for so much. Wanted to be paid well Seattle doesn’t pay that many that well they like to develope players on the cheaper end. Guess what ..Seattle didn’t get the big pay day like Clark did so why Clark is taking about it at all ..who knows. No need to have Clark speak Seattle’s name again endless we are playing each other. Lost respect for Clark can tell the gold diggers by their actions.

  24. These guys get more and more dramatic.

    Frank…loved havin ya as a Hawk and wish you well, but you weren’t ‘used.’ They didn’t want to pay you and moved you to a team that would BIG TIME. That simple.

  25. Someone please “use me” for $105.5 million dollars…

    It’s a shame the relationship between Clark and the Seahawks ended the way it did, but in today’s NFL that seems to be the way every business relationship ends. Clark got the “respec” he wanted in the form of $63M guaranteed and $105.5M in total, and the Seahawks flipped a former late 2nd round pick for 1st and 2nd round picks.

    I’m sure Clark wanted to get his $ from Seattle, but he was going to get his $ wherever he went and there are a lot of worse outcomes that could have come to Clark than being traded to a legit SB contender with an MVP-caliber QB on a rookie deal. Enjoy the respect and the money, Frank. You earned it. As for the bitterness, I hope he learns that life’s to short for that and cuts it loose.

  26. As if the deal wasn’t already a huge win for Seahawks, now Frank opens his mouth angry at the team who gave him a chance to be a wealthy household name…much like Richard Sherman the 5th rounder…

    And Russell Wilson the 3rd rounder who just got the richest contract in NFL history. RW isn’t talking about how the Seahawks used him…he is talking about winning more superbowls and earning his new contract in the future.

    Obvious to me why they keep one and eject the other. Bye Frank, thanks for the memories I guess.

  27. Who owns the Seahawks now after Paul Allen died awhile back. I never heard about it. It’s going to be Russell Wilson and a whole bunch of guys on their looking deals and 5th year options. Good luck with that. We’ll see if Frank is still in KC after Mahomes signs his big $ deal. I’d think he’ll want an extension off his Rookie contract after this season.

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