Judge rules Kraft tape can’t be released now, would jeopardize “potential jury pool”

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Another court ruling on Tuesday ensured that prosecutors in Florida will not be allowed to release to the public a video of Patriots owner Robert Kraft engaging in alleged sex acts at a massage parlor.

Judge Leonard Hanser blocked the tape’s release last week on a temporary basis and extended that ban on Tuesday. Hanser ruled that the tape’s potential to influence potential jurors ahead of a trial. Hanser did not rule out the possibility that the tape could be released once a jury is selected or the case is otherwise resolved.

“Furthermore, the Court is seriously concerned about allowing the media to disclose to the public a piece of evidence that would be [or could be] central to the case against defendant,” Hanser wrote, via USA Today. “In effect, the potential jury pool would be given the opportunity to preview trial evidence, including identifying (Kraft) as the person depicted in the video tapes.”

Another hearing in the case is set for Friday.

10 responses to “Judge rules Kraft tape can’t be released now, would jeopardize “potential jury pool”

  1. Who wants to see this tape and why is it a thing anyway?

    1. Was the tape legal? Are calling in fake bomb scares by law enforcement actually legal?

    2. Is putting cameras into private facilities legal when there is no crime committed as to WHY the warrant was issued in the first place?

    I’d say the answers to all of these things are no, no and no.

    What’s creepy is Kraft was clearly sought after since they saw his name on the appt. register and someone at that Jupiter PD, the DA, whoever clearly did this to embarrass Kraft and nothing more.

    Were the American citizens/managers/owners of this place ever released from jail or are we still acting like Singapore here and how they treat their citizens?


    My gooodness. PDS (Patriot Derangement Syndrome) has reached epic proportions.

    You have to wonder if NE lost the SB if this would even be happening.

  2. Oops! The prosecutor lost another round! Looking more and more that they’ll be dropping all charges soon! Kraft’s lawyers are just smarter than those in the prosecutor’s office.

  3. datageek94 says:
    April 23, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    Good thing there’s been no publicity on the case to affect a jury pool.

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    Right, so, if your concern is sex trafficking victims, why on earth is this all about Kraft?

    It’s never added up from the get go like Spygate and Deflategate. They’re just smear campaigns and this one is for Kraft to take on because they already lied and smeared BB and Brady. This just completes the circle, so to speak.

    Note how no other names were released or focused on, simply because no one would care anyway.

    Any time a parlor is shut down in this country, a customer list is not released, because no one cares and it’s the owners of the facility their after anyway.

    The reason why this thing smells is because it does.

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