Kliff Kingsbury: “No question” Patrick Peterson will be there

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New Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury got to deal with his first set of potentially awkward situations after his first minicamp practice Tuesday.

It will pale in comparison to the next round.

Via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Arizona Republic, Kingsbury emphasized the voluntary nature of the day’s work in reference to absent cornerback Patrick Peterson, and that he had talked to Peterson.

Kingsbury also said there was “no question” Peterson would be there moving forward.

That was a question this morning after a former player said he was about to be traded, which came at the end of a strange offseason for Peterson.

He asked for a trade, then apologized, and had a series of curious social media posts recently, which made it seem something might be up. But Kingsbury was able to play Frank Drebin with this one.

The next one, about his quarterback situation, say around Thursday night, might not be as quick a cleanup.