Packers were “pleasantly surprised” by Cole Madison’s return to roster

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While they certainly hoped it would come to fruition, the Green Bay Packers still found themselves enthused by the return of 2018 fifth-round pick Cole Madison to their roster for the start of the offseason program.

It was great to see Cole back in the building just doing some football things again. That was a really, really pleasant surprise,” Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst said, via USA Today.

Madison stepped away from football last summer for personal reasons. Reports at the time connected the decision with the suicide of Madison’s former college teammate, Tyler Hilinski, at Washington State University. The Packers were unsure if Madison would ever return to the roster.

The Packers had been excited about what Madison could add last offseason prior to his leave of absence. That excitement hasn’t waned now that he’s back with the team this spring.

“He looks like the 6-5, 300-pounder that we drafted,” Gutekunst said. “Very optimistic, to see him progress this year.”

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  1. Cole was on his way to winning the starting RG job last offseason before he stepped away from football.

    Cole will be very valuable depth at RG and RT this season. I would put Billy Turner as the starter at RG right now, but I expect Cole to make things interesting in camp. Cole will also be in the mix to replace Bulaga at RT in 2020.

    Cole coming back is really like getting a extra quality draft pick this season.


  2. As a football fan, I’m rooting for this player.

    As a human, I’m rooting for this person.

    Good luck to him and to anyone reading this, you matter to someone. Hope you have a good day.

  3. Yes, and it was a pleasant surprise for fans too, as there was no word, timetable, or even an idea if he would ever return.

    I’m seriously hoping this kid has healed enough and has his head on straight about playing football again.
    It was obvious that he had a lot to work through, before deciding if football would be a part of his future.
    There are several difficult issues at play here, and it’s something many young college players have to weigh carefully about their careers and lives.

    Kudos to the Packers organization for allowing him this time, working through this with him, while still keeping the option open to continue his football journey.
    And as far as practical matters go, he provides some much needed depth at a position of need.
    It almost feels like we’re stealing an extra pick ahead of this week’s draft.

  4. It’s called depth on the offensive line. If Cole Madison can step in and win a RG starter’s job, then they have Bill Turner to challenge for the RT position and given Bulaga’s propensity to last an entire season, that is a good thing.

    We still have the draft and wouldn’t surprise me to see the Packers take 2 offensive lineman among their 10 picks. Meanwhile, at least one of the NFC’s North’s teams is still uncertain about 3 of their starting 5 and that poor planning goes a long way in contributing to not ever winning a Superbowl.

  5. Cole took questions from reporters today during the players locker room media time and I suggest you go watch it on You get to see why we all love this kid and are proud of him. He stood there confident and strong and answered every question the reporters had.

    Cole is a RG and RT mostly, but he said he took reps today at center and LG. Cole can play any position on the line and Cole added the following:

    “However they want me to play, I’ll play for them. They had my back, I’ll have their back now”


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