Rams happy to see Frank Clark leave the division

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Frank Clark made 12 of his 35 career sacks against NFC West opponents, while also collecting 13 tackles for loss and 29 quarterback hits against the other three teams in the division.

The Rams saw the best of the pass rusher as Clark had six sacks, six tackles for loss, 13 tackles, seven quarterback hits and an interception in eight career games against them.

Not surprisingly, the Rams are celebrating the Seahawks trade of Clark to the Chiefs.

“You mean, am I going to be sad not to see him twice a year? Heck no,” Rams coach Sean McVay said at the team’s pre-draft news conference. “He’s a great player. I think there’s a lot of things that go into that. He is a very good football player, and I will not be upset having to worry about seeing him. There’s a lot of really good players that they have in Seattle, but Frank was a special one. He’ll do a great job in Kansas City and that’s why he earned the deal.”

Rams General Manager Les Snead pointed out, though, that the Seahawks now hold choices 21 and 29 and could get a replacement.

“I’ve got a gut feeling they’re going to pick one of those players we deemed ‘unrealistic’ to us, so there may be a new player,” Snead said.

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  1. I don’t get this move for the Chiefs. Lets say Tyreek Hill gets the Adrian Peterson treatment and is suspended for the entire season on the eve of week 1. The Chiefs will really wish they held onto those picks in such an instance. Funniest part will be the Seahawks drafting a WR to replace Doug Baldwin in that spot when the Chiefs will be hurting for play-makers.

  2. Surprised Snead isn’t complaining the Rams should get an extra pick b/c it’s not fair the Seahawks will have multiple picks before the Rams get one.

  3. Of course they are happy. It means there is less chance that the Seattle pass rush will get a hit on Jared Goff and he is more likely to stay healthy for the postseason.

  4. Knock, knock, whose there? Patrick Mahomes….Patrick Mahomes who? Patrick Mahomes wants 35 million plus per next year….so after you just paid Frank Clark, Chris Jones, and me, you have less than 100 million after Kelce’s 10 million for the rest of the team. Hopefully all the other guys like peanuts, while these guys get the cashews.

  5. Mahomes is a savvy guy. He’ll look to Brady’s career long example and choose to leave money on the table as long as he gets the team to agree to spend what he doesn’t claim, to bolster the team’s talent so he can win more games and consistently play for championships in January.

    I bet he takes 10-15 million less a year than what 95% of the rest of the NFL fans are predicting.

    He and his agent won’t be attempting to bust Clark Hunt’s bank account.

    Not if they are smart – and they are.

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