Tarik Cohen: Jordan Howard trade hurt me a little bit

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The Bears made a change to their backfield this offseason when they dealt running back Jordan Howard to the Eagles in exchange for a 2020 sixth-round pick.

The move could lead to an expanded role for Tarik Cohen as in his third NFL season, but his reaction to the deal wasn’t entirely focused on what it meant for his playing time.

“I was really following after him as soon as I came to the Bears because I was one year behind him, so he could tell me everything to do because he had already been through it,” Cohen said, via NBCSportsChicago. “Losing him, it hurt me a little bit. I’m not going to lie. It hurt me, because that’s like my brother.”

The Bears signed former Seahawk Mike Davis to join Cohen in the backfield this season and Cohen said that “everybody’s already getting along cool” after a week of work in the offseason program. There’s also a fair chance the Bears draft another back and Cohen will get to take on the role that Howard played for him the last two years.

18 responses to “Tarik Cohen: Jordan Howard trade hurt me a little bit

  1. Dumb trade. They literally gave him away for nothing, while paying Mike Davis more money for less accomplishment. Howard deserves better. For what they got for him, they were better off keeping him.

  2. Anyone thinking Howard is a superstar can look at his stats (3.7 YPC) or watch him play. Zero threat in the passing game and painfully slow. If he produces as much as Eagles fans think he will, that’s a 2020 5th round pick and a roster spot for a rookie who fits the system now versus a possible 2021 5th round comp pick. One-dimensional RBs are a dime a dozen.

    This was 100% Matt Nagy’s decision. I’ll trust him and Pace since they’ve been successful so far.

  3. It is perplexing to make a trade that hurts the team. We’ll see if Howard has a great/good year or a bad year if the Bears knew something.

  4. It was a horrible trade. Not only are the Eagles going to get a year of Howard on his rookie deal, they’re also going to get better than a sixth round pick when he signs somewhere else in free agency.

    The Bears basically swapped a year of cheap productive running back in order to move *down* in the draft.

  5. I am willing to bet that Jordan Howard wanted out of Chicago. He is an UFA after this season. The offense he was in with the Bears did not showcase his value like he wanted. Going to Philly will allow him to get the 20+ touches he wants and maximize his value for the 2020 season. Bears did him a favor by trading him.

  6. toothfairyretributionmanifesto says:
    April 23, 2019 at 9:45 am
    8-8 at best for this Bears team.
    They can go 0-16 and it would still be better than the embarrassment of being a Vikings’ fan, the least knowledgeable and chattiest fans in the league.

  7. Humm? Gave the dude away for an empty box of rocks. They should have included Parkey in that trade.

  8. Lets see. Keep a player that doesn’t fit the system, wasn’t productive under the new offense, and would rid the pine for one last season before walking in FA….. OR get a 6th, maybe a 5th round pick? They got something for nothing and added a RB that is better than him in their system. I have no idea how anyone could hate on this trade at all.

    This was obviously his best offer and it was best for Howard and for the Nagy Offense. Pace recently said they talk trades all year long, i highly doubt Pace turned down better offers (unless to Packers/Vikings/Lions) just because.

    You folks saying this was a bad trade are ridiculous. Hold on to an unproductive Howard just to see him walk? no, get something now.

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