Trading with Bill Belichick is a quick process

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has 12 picks to utilize this week, which means he doesn’t have time to mess around.

And when he’s trying to make a trade, there’s even less.

Via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, former Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik said dealing with Belichick during the draft was a unique experience.

“Bill’s very cut-to-the-chase, as you can imagine,” Dominik said. “I’ve done three or four trades with Bill, and everything is just like, ‘Get to the point, let’s go. Are you in? Do you want to do this or not?’ He’s not going to sit around and wait. I actually loved that. He got right to the point.”

Perhaps because of his efficiency, he’s made plenty of deals. In his 19 drafts with the Patriots, he’s executed 70 trades, and only one year went by without at least one.

The Patriots also have plenty of currency. They have 12 picks in this year’s draft, with two in the second, three in the third, and four in the seventh, which gives them flexibility to go up to get a player they want if need be.

22 responses to “Trading with Bill Belichick is a quick process

  1. Don’t know why it took 6 titles rather than just 5, but I’ve noticed over the past year the salty mountain of hate and it’s two framegates has finally erupted a few repressed sugar fountains.

  2. If you only have 5 minutes that what else are you going to do, ask about the wife and kids?

    If the trading party makes an offer, you make a counter offer, if its rejected, say yes or no. Like this:

    BB> I will trade you X,Y,Z for A,B,C. Will you accept?

    GM>I can do A and B or A and C but not all 3.

    BB> No, I want A,B, and C

    GM> (say Yes or No – it doesn’t seem hard)

  3. BB is gonna send all his picks to Arizona and select a Tight End as Number One Overall because, why not.

  4. Chess… Checkers… Did Bill Parcells ever win anything without BB on the sidelines with him?

  5. I’m a huge Chiefs fan and dont admire some of the rules he has bent thru the years but everyone has to admit he’s smarter than all the other 31 teams, Brady or no Brady. he’s cracked the code. They have 2 2nd rounders, 3 third rounders,etc.
    he’ll set himself up next yr with the same, genius !

  6. Answer – “Does Superpatriots fan ever get tired of being a loser?”

    James Holzhauer – “What is no?”

  7. Don’t waste his time being wish washy about a trade. He knows what he wants and has a business to run.

  8. Too much mythologizing in the comments.

    BB is a genius coach. Best ever. But he is a very average GM.

    The genius coach tends to bail out the average GM. Doesn’t hurt to have the GOAT QB also.

  9. BB doesn’t try to get the most he can as he knows a little bit more rarely natters, as was the case in the Jimmy G trade. He could have gotten more from Cleveland, but wanted to deal with SF. He took the SF pick and traded it for more. When trading for picks it’s a crap shoot anyways. Why waste time over a few slots.

  10. dannywhite11 says:
    April 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    Answer – “Does Superpatriots fan ever get tired of being a loser?”
    That’s a question. Looks like you forgot how Jeopardy works. You’re no so wicked smart but at least I’m living in your head rent free.

  11. BB is a genius coach. Best ever. But he is a very average GM.
    Genius GM too if anyone looks at his draft record, best in league for 19 years.

  12. Some of his moves work, some don’t but I like the way he does things- they identify a player they want and make the call. If this guy doesn’t like the deal (which is always fair), they call another guy.

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