Cowboys exercise Ezekiel Elliott’s fifth-year option

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Whether the Cowboys sign running back Ezekiel Elliott to a long-term deal or not is going to be an open question for at least a little while, but there wasn’t any doubt about their desire to have him on hand in 2020.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said recently that the team will “obviously” exercise their fifth-year option on Elliott’s contract. Field Yates of ESPN reports that they officially did so on Wednesday.

The deal is guaranteed for injury only, so the Cowboys could back out of it next year but it would likely take some negative off-field developments for the team to make that call.

Elliott led the league in rushing as a rookie and again last year with the Cowboys winning the NFC East in each of those seasons. He’s racked up a lot of mileage over his first three seasons, which has led some to believe the Cowboys could choose to move on rather than make a long-term commitment but picking up the option means a definitive call on that front isn’t likely to come in the immediate future.

9 responses to “Cowboys exercise Ezekiel Elliott’s fifth-year option

  1. You don’t give this kind of guy a big contract. I love Zeke, I have his jersey and root for him as much as anyone, but there is such a thing as nuance. He is a ticking time bomb off the field, he just doesn’t put himself in the best situations. Money doesn’t usually help that. This is the ideal kind of player (and position) to go the franchise tag route. Give him the tag for a couple years, make him play at an elite level year-to-year. That will keep him focused and out of the gutter. If he falls off (inevitable), turn him loose with no strings attached.

  2. Zeke has delivered over and over, and he is one injury away from going from league leader to unemployed. He should hold out unless the Cowboys pay him what he is worth NOW.

  3. If the cowboys truly believe Dak is the QB of the future, Zeke May be left out. Not many teams that I can think of have a top end paid QB and RB, and WR on top of that. There will be a lot of contracts to extend on top of the one Lawrence just signed. Plus the Cowboys let DeMarco Murray walk after a big year, which a lot of fans didn’t like at the time, but it worked out. I love Zeke and all, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he didn’t sign long term. I hope he does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. It’s just the way the league is.

  4. Like it or not Zeke is more important to the success of the Cowboys than Dak at this point in their careers. I love Dak but you are not finding another Zeke!

  5. You dont draft someone that high with the level of success hes had and not extend him. They’re sorting out Dak and coopers contracts first.

  6. Zeke is a HOF talent, Dak is not. Keep Zeke, pay him well and offer a decent contract to Dak. I guarantee there isn’t another team going to give him a max contract

  7. Kicking the can down the road. Still doesn’t get them more than a wildcard win in the coming years.

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