Jaylon Smith is an investor in the therapy that helped his knee heal

Getty Images

A bit like Sy Sperling with Hair Club, Jaylon Smith is not only a cryotherapy client, but he’s also an investor.

Smith, the Cowboys linebacker who suffered a horrible knee injury in his last college football game but eventually recovered well enough that he started all 16 games last year, is now investing in iCRYO, a cryotherapy business, which he says helped him to get better.

“It’s something that’s been around, but not everyone has experienced it. I can be a voice, a face, for cryo and iCRYO. I just love what it does from a healing standpoint relieving muscle pain, sprains, swelling,” Smith said. “Cold therapy is wonderful, and I believe everyone should be doing it, not just athletes. It’s an energizer in overall life.”

Cryotherapy patients stand in very cold chambers, and its adherents say it can ease inflammation and help to repair damaged tissue. Although its effectiveness is unproven, it is growing in popularity among athletes who think it aids in recovery.