Odell Beckham responds to criticism of minicamp absence


Someone’s getting blocked.

Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland posted a letter to Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. regarding his decision not to attend this week’s voluntary minicamp. Beckham saw it, and he responded to the item titled, “Hey Odell: Where Are You?” by saying via Twitter, “Training! Thanks for your concerns!

The reaction comes only days after Beckham expressed relief over moving to a market where the “media . . . isn’t gonna have or look for a story of a sneeze or blow my nose wrong.” Beckham doesn’t realize that, relatively speaking, he’s an even bigger deal in Cleveland than he ever was in New York, and the media will indeed be watching everything he does, whether it involves blowing his nose or blowing off non-mandatory practice sessions.

Grossi chastises Beckham for not showing up, pointing out the disconnect between the glowingly positive things he said when he showed up for the first day of offseason workouts and not showing up for the bonus minicamp that every team with a new coach is permitted to conduct. The reality, however, is that the workouts are voluntary. Yes, media and fans are free to view Beckham skeptically, but he’s still free to not show up.

He’s also free to block his critics on Twitter, which he did to the account of a certain website that covers the NFL every day of the year after someone dared to suggest two years ago that, if he was skipping voluntary workouts with the Giants because he wanted a new contract, he should just say so.

It’s unclear why he’s skipping voluntary workouts in Cleveland. If he’s doing it because he wants a new contract, he should just say so. (What’s he gonna do, block us again?) But it is clear that: (1) he has the right to do it; and (2) the Browns shouldn’t be surprised.

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  1. Alternate headline: Odell Beckham triggered…again

    You’ll probably wear out your copy & paste keys re-using that one over the next year.

  2. Why is any player skipping voluntary workouts. First, it’s their right to skip, second, it likely helps them to spend more time with their family, third, it likely helps them to manage their brand and other off field business. fourth, they want to train a specific way with specific people as opposed to training with the team at that time.

    There could be and endless number of reasons. Voluntary means voluntary.

  3. Toni Grossi definitely doesn’t speak for Cleveland. A beat reporter who was exposed as having a bias AGAINST the team he reports on because he doesn’t know the difference between a public post and a private message on twitter is calling someone else out. really?

  4. I’m a lifelong Browns fan…and I DO care.

    There is a greater chance that the addition of this 1 cancer cell into the locker room BLOWS up the Browns on coarse building plan completely,


    OBJ being a center piece to a long term playoff run.

    This kind of selfish human being just doesn’t fit into that goal.

  5. OBJ can try and white wash his past actions all he wants. However, the only thing that will help him is to grow up and stop acting in those ways…only time will tell, not words…

  6. Voluntary doesn’t mean anything. The players that want to get better, and desire to help their team get better, and desire and acknowledge that building positive relationships with your team mates MAKES EVERYBODY better, are there, and they are working hard. I will guarantee you that there are players on the Browns roster today that already don’t trust this new prima dona team mate

  7. The reality, however, is that the workouts are voluntary.
    They’re voluntary because owners incorrectly assumed that when they pay someone $15m a year, he will put in the extra time without it being an issue. It’s a shame that these guys don’t feel more of an obligation after collecting all that coin.

  8. Odell is always working out in the offseason. The guy is in great shape. Hopefully Baker won’t have as hard of a time hitting him in stride when he’s wide open as Eli did.

  9. I don’t know why this is such a big story. I think any of us Browns fans who read all the stories already knew that he wasn’t coming to the voluntary stuff – it’s been reported many times over that he prefers to work out on his own in the offseason. Is it an indicator of past behavior? Yes. But I won’t be worrying until he actually causes problems DURING the season. Until then, it’s all practice – especially in April.

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