Prosecutors “believe that a crime occurred” against Tyreek Hill’s son

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The Johnson County, Kansas, district attorney has investigated a pair of incidents involving the son of Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. The authorities announced on Wednesday that charges will not be filed against Hill or the boy’s mother, Crystal Espinal.

Prosecutor Stephen Howe said at a press conference, “We believe the a crime has occurred,” but that “the evidence does not conclusively establish who committed the crime.”

Howe seemed to be frustrated by the inability to prosecute the crime that was committed, pointing out that under the American criminal justice system, “We would rather let guilty people go free than convict innocent people.”

The criminal investigation is closed for now; however, an active investigation continues regarding the protection of the child, who reportedly was recently removed from the home. Howe said on multiple occasions that the child is “safe,” but he declined to say whether the child is in the home.

Howe said that his office has not spoken to the NFL or the Chiefs about the situation. He also would not discuss any facts regarding the crime that was committed, citing the sensitivity of the situation given the age of the child.

Howe characterized the situation as a “whodunit,” but that there’s no way to determine who committed the acts. Eventually, Howe acknowledged that someone “hurt this child,” but that it simply can’t be proven who inflicted any injury.

“We want to hold people accountable who hurt children,” Howe said.

While Hill may not have to worry about the prospect of being prosecuted or jailed (for now), he’ll have a separate problem with the NFL. The specifics of that problem will be outlined in a subsequent item.

49 responses to “Prosecutors “believe that a crime occurred” against Tyreek Hill’s son

  1. The sick part is that either Tyreek or his fiancé broke their 3 year old son’s arm and are lying about it. I have never and will never feel good about this guy or what he does on a football field.

  2. As a Chief’s fan and a Deputy Sheriff I can say this , he need to go, not from KC, but from the NFL. Fact is a child was hurt, his damn arm was broken. A crime was committed and before anyone says, “No proof it was him”, I say that’s a BS excuse, either he did it, or he knows who did it. Either way he’s wrong, either he abuses children, or he protects those that do. Make a stand NFL, make all of them understand there is a line and it will not be crossed, no matter of your skill or popularity.

  3. As soon as Hill gets his big contract, that child’s mother is going to let the authorities know what happened and walk off with half of it. But until then, she has to keep quiet.

  4. That’s absolutely disgusting and a miscarriage of justice as I’ve not seen before. I’m pretty sure the child didn’t break his own arm. Prosecutors don’t know who did it, so they both get away with it. WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

  5. If they can’t figure out which adult in the house broke the kid’s arm, then Hill is a child abuser, or helping cover for a child abuser.

  6. Why does it seem that the NFL has more of these types of player issues than all of the rest of professional sports combined?

  7. If their married, they can’t be forced to testify against each other, So with both denying everything…No witnesses.

  8. Disgusting, but I figured it would come down to either inconclusive evidence (neither blames the other, with some excuse about the child falling) or with the woman taking the blame as she’s not the bread winner.

    Any outrage in KC will likely be limited to non-football fans.

  9. A big city DA showing they fundamentally do not undermine their roles.

    You job is to indict or not. You are not supposed to go out there, and make such statements without the accused having the ability to get their name back from your innuendo.

    Big city DAs play by a different set of rules it seems.

  10. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Congrats chiefs !! Frank Clark is a welcomed addition.

  11. Howe – “We would rather let guilty people go free than convict innocent people.”


    A massive lie. Mandatory sentencing encourages plea deals over risking long term incarceration. Court appointed attorney’s for those who cannot afford to pay (well over half the population) exorbitant attorney fees encourage and make their living off negotiating plea deals. State hired investigators for previously stated court appointed attorney’s work for state pleas-convictions and not for the accused.

    Only the wealthy in this country often get a free pass in the criminal justice system.

  12. “If their married, they can’t be forced to testify against each other, So with both denying everything…No witnesses.”

    They’re not married, and never were as far as I know. They were dating and I think they separated around the time of the child abuse.

  13. The safety of the child is what matters. I don’t care if Hill gets suspended, arrested, whatever. If the child ends up getting permanently injured or worse, then everyone including the prosecutor played a part in it. But, if the prosecutor is being honest in his comments, it kinda sounds like his hands are tied, which would mean only the people who committed the act and know who committed the act are at fault.

  14. If it’s a murder and two people were there, both are charged with murder even if prosecutors don’t know who did it.

    This is idiotic. Charge them both, and the one who didn’t do it will start talking.

  15. kcflake says:
    April 24, 2019 at 4:23 pm
    I told Y’all, Tyreek Hill didn’t do anything.


    Reading comprehension 101

    The article didn’t exonerate Tyreke ! Neither person is talking and Ill bet she is covering up for him because of whats at stake and how much money he could lose from this.Hes paying her off not to talk most likely.

  16. “I told Y’all, Tyreek Hill didn’t do anything.”

    Seems clear he either broke the kid’s arm or is protecting the person who did. You’re delusional if you think he wasn’t part of this.

  17. Since our criminal justice system is designed to protect these two, the NFL should enforce its own justice, Goodell has an opportunity to do the right thing, the only thing really, BAN this excuse of man from the league. Is this REALLY something the NFL wants to be associated with?

  18. Maybe someone needs to investigate Stephen Howe’s football fandom and which team he roots for. After conducting my own investigation, I have found that from solely reading this article he is part of Chiefs Nation.

  19. Arrest both of them and soon enough one will speak. The dude is scum unfortunately he’s .4.4 scum with good hands. First beating a pregnant girl and then his child. On top of that Big Red Andy says it’s not his job to judge but to coach. sounds like something his sons may have said to him. “your a coach not a father”.

  20. There is that possibility that the kid fell and broke it. Parents can’t be there every second. Just saying

  21. That DA needs removed bc based on what he said he dont have a problem prosecuting innocent people. He seems happy to prosecute anyone

  22. justhereforthepftcomments says:
    April 24, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    No charges, No NFL suspension. Sounds about right.
    Ezekiel Elliott would like a word.

    44 5 Rate This


    so would brady

  23. Prosecute both parents. Period. But the DAs comment about letting guilty people walk free than convict innocent people is distrubing in its own right

  24. I like everyone’s random interpretation and use of law. It’s unsavory but this is what keeps you from getting your hand chopped off for pinching an apple. DA said he didn’t have evidence but someone hurt the kid. We know it involved those two but without proof nothing can be done to them per the law. Now since they deemed that something or someone in the home was a danger to the kid, the smartly removed him from there.

  25. unclebluck says:
    April 24, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Why does it seem that the NFL has more of these types of player issues than all of the rest of professional sports combined?

    Because it’s a brutal sport that encourages brutality, unlike most other sports.

  26. As the father of a 3 yr old I can confidently say this man is an evil POS. Mom too.

  27. Quite possibly one of them broke his arm but even little kids sometimes break their own arms. It depends what the medical evidence specifically says.

  28. unclebluck says:
    April 24, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    Why does it seem that the NFL has more of these types of player issues than all of the rest of professional sports combined?


    Honestly, I think part of it is simply the number of players. There are way more players in the NFL than the other sports.

  29. I don’t understand why the DA doesn’t prosecute both of them. One of them did it and the other is covering up. Which makes both of them guilty of something, either child abuse or obstruction. Maybe even conspiracy. Whatever. Just book ’em, Dano.

  30. THill may well be guilty(probably), but prosecutors have agendas. Unfortunately, justice can be way down the list.

  31. It makes me sick just looking at that guy. KC is notorious for signing these class act players. What a joke, keep that kid away from him and his wife or whoever she is.

  32. Correction, John Dorsey is notorious for signing these players… and that’s why he was fired. Marcus Peters, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill were all on his watch.

    Sure Clark had an issue in college but he was a 2nd round pick and did his time.

    And it’s not like the Chiefs fans condone this. Yes a bad apple can spoil a whole group but as far as I’m concerned the bad apple was John Dorsey. Sadly it’s the Chiefs left cleaning up his mess.

  33. Tyreek and his woman are protecting that NFL paycheck more than they are their own child and since we all know Goodell doesn’t need any evidence or proof let’s see how that works out for them!

    Tyreek better hope he banked a lot of that pay he’s going to be out a while he’ll need it!

  34. Since the DA won’t / can’t do anything and the Chiefs’ silence is deafening so far about this repugnant situation…

    I hope Goodell does the right thing and “protects the shield” with a long suspension for Hill.

  35. if goodell can suspend the GOAT for a naturally occurring loss of PSI then he should easily be able to ban this abuser/cover upper of child abuse for at least an entire season. this guy and his past stinks. its hard for anybody to believe his girl isnt covering up for his crime to save the money train.

  36. I think the prosecutor should keep his mouth shut. Your job is to prosecute people accused of crimes: period. If you dont have enough evidence to arrest or convict, you release the person AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH

  37. Why are ppl still goin after Hill after they said he was not the one under investigation? They clearly said he was out of state when the break happened!!!

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