When should the Giants target Daniel Jones?

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If, as it now appears, the Giants have locked onto quarterback Daniel Jones, the question becomes when they should pull the trigger on the former Duke quarterback.

They have seven options, as a practical matter. First, they can take him with the sixth overall pick. Second, they can take him with the 17th overall pick.

They also could trade up from No. 6 to get him higher than that. They could trade down from No. 6, getting him with one of the slots between their two picks. They could use pick No. 6 on someone else and trade up from No. 17 to get him. They could, as Peter King projects in his mock draft, trade down from No. 17 to a lower spot in round one.

Or they could use picks No. 6 and No. 17 elsewhere and then spring back into round one, trading for a third first-round pick in order to get him.

While the Giants’ interest in Jones has become fairly well known (as Simms suggested on PFT Live, the Giants apparently felt compelled to let the fan base get accustomed to the idea of drafting Jones), it’s not known whether another team shares the strong feelings that the Giants have about Jones. And it would be foolish to assume that the Giants are the only team that feels so strongly about Jones.

So if the Giants believe that Jones will be their franchise quarterback for the next decade or longer, they should just take him with the sixth overall pick — and they should consider being ready to spring to No. 5 if they sense that someone who wants Jones may try to trade up with Tampa Bay. Any other approach puts the Giants in pennywise and pound-foolish territory as they fret over angling for a victory during a short-term battle and put at risk the longer-term war.