Could D.K. Metcalf slide?


Many regarding D.K. Metcalf as the top receiver in the draft, and a sure-fire first-round pick. And all it takes is one team to make it so.

But as the draft unfolds, it’s fair to point out an opinion of a trusted and experienced evaluator, who as always operates under the cloak of anonymity: Metcalf could slide out of the first round, entirely.

He didn’t earn a spot in the first round of the PFT mock draft, due to concerns about his durability, production, and limited route tree. He addressed some of those concerns in a recent visit to the #PFTPM podcast, and he explained that he responded to questions from NFL teams about being injury prone by saying, essentially, he’s not.

That may not be enough to address those concerns. And Metcalf could end up waiting a long time tonight to be drafted.

If it happens, it doesn’t mean he won’t be a start at the next level. But it could mean that it will be a long night for Metcalf.