Disturbing audio emerges of Tyreek Hill threatening Crystal Espinal

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The statement issued, but likely not written, by Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill on Thursday said everything that it predictably would have said, carefully omitting anything that addresses whether his three-year-old child suffered an injury, or how the injury happened. Many nevertheless thought that ended the situation.

And it has now become clear that the situation is only just beginning.

KCTV has obtained audio of a conversation between Hill and Crystal Espinal, the mother of their son. Espinal created the audio as an “insurance policy” that she gave to a friend. It was “passed around” before landing at KCTV.

The audio is compelling. And troubling.

“He is terrified of you,” Espinal says. “And you say that he respects you, but it’s not respect.”

Hill says, “He respects me.”

“It’s terrify,” she says, “he’s terrified of you.”

“You need to be terrified of me, too, bitch,” Hill says. “That’s why you can’t keep a f–king man.”

Hill previously pleaded guilty to choking and punching Espinal while she was pregnant with the child.

The audio makes it clear that Espinal had previously been covering for Hill.

“I didn’t do nothing,” Hill insists during the discussion about the injury suffered by Hill’s son.

“Then why does [he] say, ‘Daddy did it’?” Espinal says. “Why does [he] say, ‘Daddy did it’?”

“I don’t know,” Hill says. “He says Daddy does a lot of things.”

“Like what?” Espinal says. “A three-year-old’s not gonna lie about what happened to his arm.”

Someone clearly has been lying about what happened to the boy’s arm. And it’s clear that other things have happened; on the audio, Espinal says that Hill punches the boy in the chest when the boy is crying. She also says that the boy has told investigators, “Daddy punches me.”

The audio is difficult to listen to, and it confirms exactly what many suspected on Wednesday, when the prosecutor announced that he believes a crime was committed, but that it could not be proven who did it. This audio potentially changes everything, for the authorities, for the league, and for the Chiefs — who if they do what they did with Kareem Hunt could be cutting ties with Tyreek Hill, soon.

57 responses to “Disturbing audio emerges of Tyreek Hill threatening Crystal Espinal

  1. Chiefs better be looking for WR in the draft cause’ he ain’t playing for awhile

  2. If that recording is authentic and accurate it kind of says it all. Hate to see this kind of thing happened. But at what point do these guys learn that this is just not acceptable? Shame for everyone.

  3. We know the NFL is okay with men who abuse women, we’re about to find out if they’re okay with men who abuse children. Oh wait, they are. (see Adrian Peterson)

  4. This guy needs to get cut and banished from the league.. From breaking a childs arm to domestic violence i really hope the league does not tolerate this.. Time to set an example.

  5. People keep giving this guy chances… The woman put up with his abuse again and again for years. Oklahoma State knew about him. West Alabama knew about him. The Chiefs knew about him and keep giving him chance after chance. He belongs in jail, but teams continue to enable his behavior.

  6. Certainly doesn’t look good for Hill. He might have been able to wiggle his way out of it had this been his only offense, but considering he was already on thin ice this might just be the final nail in the coffin for him. At least until he can play for the ‘skins after his lengthy suspension.

  7. Who could have predicted that the guy who punches pregnant women would turn out to be such a garbage human?

  8. He should never play another down of football. And shame on the da for not moving forward with charges. This is sickening as a father of a two year old I couldn’t imaging harming my son in any way. You are suppose to be his protector. The one person he can trust and look to for protection. It really has me so angry just to think about. I would love to have about 2 minutes with this guy alone time.

  9. By this time next year Hill will have served his suspension, and he’ll be playing in Minnesota.
    That organization has no real qualms regarding child abusers.
    In fact, their fans actually rationalize their crimes and cheer for them.
    Sad and pathetic, but true.

  10. He will he cut and then picked up within the next 24 months if he was a fringe player he would be cut already and still unemployed

  11. Huge KC fan here, but you blew your second chance Hill. I hope there is no 3rd chances in your future….ever.

  12. He needs to go as long as the NFL suspends him forever, if not then what’s the point? if another team is just going to sign him we might as well keep him. Idiots on here trashing KC for what? they cut Hunt, should be trashing Cleveland they signed him and hardly a peep of moral outrage. KC lost a great running back for nothing and Hunt got more money.

  13. Too bad KC doesn’t have a first round pick, it’d be quite telling to see them invest in another WR. I can’t imagine they’ll keep this garbage human on the squad when they cut Kareem for waaaaaaaaaaay less.

  14. He should be gone, but my first concern right now is for the mother. I can’t imagine he’s going to be pleased that she recorded that and allowed it to get out.

  15. I’ve previously said he’s innocent until proven guilty, and the league should stay out of it. But that’s pretty damning, and it’ll be hard for him to talk his way out of this now

  16. Not denying that this audio is seriously disturbing and damning. Wondering why it hasn’t been provided to law enforcement before now. It’s a smoking gun. Why wouldn’t whoever had it not provide it to law enforcement immediately?

  17. This is way worse than Kareem Hunt.

    If these accusations are true and this POS still ends up playing somewhere next season, I’ll never watch this game again. The NFL needs to do the right thing for a change.

  18. As a father of young children, this is so upsetting. I hope that poor child ends up in a situation where he is well-raised and protected. He probably has an uphill climb, at only 3 years old. As for the “man” laying hands on a woman and—by all appearances—a small child, I hope he gets what he deserves.

  19. Wonderful talent, but damn….leave the women and children alone! Gotta cut him – maybe he gets some help and TRULY LEARNS. Once he becomes a MAN – let him play the game again. MEN don’t hit / abuse women and children, ever.

  20. It sounds like this guy should be in jail/prison, not… the NFL !…Any team that picks him up on the roster is going to feel the wrath of indignation from, not only their fan base but from the whole NFL fan base….and folks it will NOT be worth the price of admission!….There is NO EXCUSE for a beast of a man to assault a three year old child !….Period !!!…Put him in Jail !..where he belongs and take away his football career which he does NOT earn the rights too !

  21. I think probably Tyreek Hill has played in his last game. Just a guess. He’d have to pull a rabbit straight out of a hat to get out of jail time on this one. Once this went public, Ms. Whatever will HAVE to roll over to avoid jail time, and when she rolls, he is going to jail for a few things, including lying to the police to begin with.

  22. Reporters said DA has the recording, we’ll see what he does with/about it. Looks to me like the DA thinks they’re both guilty but couldn’t quite figure out who broke the kid’s arm, now he’s got the recording that seems to say it was Hill but the woman is no better. She made the recording but didn’t give it to the police herself.

  23. As a Chiefs fan, I am disgusted by this and I don’t know one person who will defend him. The main point here, is that the police, media and community are dong the right things by removing the boy from both of their care.

    Now to defend my team. Brown fans be ready. Your GM is the root cause of all the issues the Chiefs are dealing with. The Chiefs let Dorsey and most of his staff go because of disagreements in player personnel and cap management. So as my team is being dragged through the mud for decisions Dorsey made while a Chief. Look at some of the moves he is making and ask yourself. Is winning at all cost worth it. He already picked up Hunt. I am already seeing people saying what Hunt did isn’t nearly as bad what Hill did. Really! They are both still very wrong. Neither player should be playing in the NFL.

  24. Listened to this audio finally. It still does not prove that he broke his son’s arm so I’m not sure what punishment can come from that specifically, although it does confirm other abuse which should lead to some punishment. It does prove he’s an awful parent and there should be more than enough there for CPS to take his son away if his wife isn’t willing to move out. That girl needs to move out, take him for half of his worth and get on with life before he spirals too far.

  25. Kids that young do not lie. “Out of the mouths of babes” as they say. The bigger discussion here should not be about Hill and will he play this year should be about doing something to make sure that these two parents never have the chance to hurt this poor little kid again.

  26. This piece has no respect for women or children. He has no right being in the NFL!!!!
    Don’t mess this one up RODGER!!!

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