Inclement weather could move draft indoors


The draft will start tonight in Nashville, and the weather could be an issue.

Via the Tennessean, if the weather becomes a significant issue, the draft would likely move inside, to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, located only blocks from the outdoor site of the draft.

Lightning becomes the biggest potential concern, given the presence of metal bleachers and thousands of people standing out in the open. Although the league reportedly is prepared to use video screens and the sound system to advise the crowd as to any safety measures, it will be a challenge to get that many people out of harm’s way quickly. At a stadium, it’s not hard to get into the concourse; with that many people on the streets of Nashville, it won’t be easy to clear the area — and there surely will be some who throw caution to the wind and ride it out.

The current forecast calls for rain, but not thunderstorms, from 8:00 p.m. ET through the balance of the evening. Ultimately, the best indicator of the expected weather will be the radar — and also the human ear.

Regardless of the weather, the show surely will go on. The league moved round one to Thursday night with the goal of having all 32 picks made in the prime time. Wherever those picks are officially announced to the millions watching at home, those picks undoubtedly will be made when those picks are expected to be made.

22 responses to “Inclement weather could move draft indoors

  1. sorry but having the draft in Nashville was a stupid move to begin with

    When you think of football, Nashville isn’t really the place you think of

  2. Just leave the combine in Indy. Leave the draft in New York. Everyone has counted on that for years. NFL is always tinkering with ways to move stuff around to make more money for themselves. Its April. Weather can easily be sketchy from Tennessee on up to the north. If there is a delay because of weather, many fans watching the draft will have to stay up even later or possibly miss their teams first draft choice. Leave things alone.

  3. The main stage where most of the televised action will take place is totally covered.

    Fans that choose to be outside getting wet is not a issue. They will be fully lubricated and not care. If shelter is needed there are plenty of bars and honkey-tonks to take cover in.

    The show will go on as planned.

    Will be a great draft. I’ll probably post on here and brag tomorrow. Busy rest of the day and will have a full house down in the music/sports cave tonight for a draft party.

    Hope all your GM’s make you happy tonight.


  4. Nice to see that Jags logo dominating the stage in Nashville. Now if we could just do that in a football game there…

  5. So weather wasn’t considered when you decided on an outdoor venue, which is ridiculous anyway! The draft needs to go back to the Big Apple and stay there. The crazy thing is , if you polled the people of Nashville and mentioned football, the vast majority would think you were talking about UT or Vanderbilt ! College football and NASCAR !

  6. Hahahahaha! Just don’t give whoever is on the clock extra time because of lightning in the area!

  7. Number 1 no trees were cut down. 21 trees were dug up and transplanted, along with additional trees being planted.

    NFL Draft is now a tourist destination, and Nashville is most definitely a tourist destination with its live music venues, and great restaurants.

    Its sad that the weather may drive the festivities indoors tonight, but I bet that at least some of the draft will be held outdoors, and it will be a great time.

  8. PSA…can we please remove ‘man cave’ from our vocabulary? Makes my skin crawl. Real men don’t say that.

  9. I believe it’s been outdoors for at least the last 4 years. Dallas, Philly, Chicago twice.

  10. Huh, an outdoor event in April in the middle of the country… what could go wrong? And they removed mature trees for it, too?

    Another triumph of NFL stupidity.

  11. Christopher Donald says:
    April 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Number 1 no trees were cut down. 21 trees were dug up and transplanted, along with additional trees being planted.


    Don’t understand much about the success rate of transplanting mature trees, do you?

    so where in NYC will it be ? barclays center maybe? having it outdoors at metlife hmm gotta see how the weather would be and or if ny big events are around that time
    having it at yankees or shea stadium arent option via baseball season
    only big enough venues are MSG,BARCLAYS,RADIO CITY “if the nfl and radio city come back together” or another NJ venue PRUDENTIAL CENTER they have a nice activities plaza just need too clean up downtown nwk more also all the trains and buses come there nwk penn and the airport is 5 miles or less away

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