Jets select Quinnen Williams at No. 3

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The Jets took quarterback Sam Darnold with the third pick of the 2019 draft, but they went for a player on the other side of the ball with the same choice this season.

The Jets have selected former Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

Williams was a disruptive force for Alabama last season and finished the year with 19.5 tackles for loss and eight sacks. That made him a popular choice at the top of defensive rankings with the likes of No. 2 pick Joey Bosa, Josh Allen and Devin White.

There had been a lot of talk about the Jets trading out of this pick in a reversal from the move up they made to get Darnold last year. Darnold made the team feel good about that move and now they hope they’ve found a foundation piece for their defense.

15 responses to “Jets select Quinnen Williams at No. 3

  1. This is yet another worthless Alabama defensive player who will never be anything in the NFL. Washington has so many of these part time contributors that the NFL should ignore acquiring these system players who have precious little talent.

  2. While id love for Jets to trade Leonard, no ones gonna trade for an average player whos making 14 mil. I say Jets should keep him since hes on a contract year and hope Quinnen helps him play better.

  3. smokingthebowels says:
    April 25, 2019 at 8:45 pm
    Jets should trade Leonard Williams now

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    For what, a bag of balls? He is a fringe player at best.

  4. Per PFF Leonard Williams played more snaps from the dline(interior) than only 4 other players. For Dline who played more than 465 snaps he ranked in the top 1/3. He was 6th in QB pressures for Defensive interior players. Not including edge rushers. He plays DLine in a 3-4 not a 4-3. Is he the Aaron Donald that people expected, no. Is he pretty solid, disruptive, draws double teams more than any other on his line? PFF ranks him “above average” overall. With Q in town, we will see if things open up for him. I would not pay him franchise $ and he may attract an offer from another team the Jets now won’t have to compete with. The “BUST” stuff is silly. This is not Gholston. Expect someone to offer $40 guaranteed. the guy is barely 25.

  5. Do people posting here watch the Jets? Leonard Williams has not lived up to the hype but has been pretty good (instead of excellent). But for anyone to call him a bust is just ridiculous. Coples, Gholston, Pryor, Kyle Wilson, Milliner, yeah, all 1st round Jets busts. But not Leonard Williams.

  6. So many bitter people on this board from other teams lol…. Clearly have not watched a single Jets game… Williams does not put up the sack numbers but he is highly disruptive to QBs and this is while getting double teamed since the Jets don’t have any other big names on their DL….. But now with Q joining him that should change…. A lot of people who do this for a living had Quinnen as the top prospect in this draft but yet the “experts” here seem to thin he will be a bust because the Jets and not their team drafted him.

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