Josh Allen unsure about being teammates with Josh Allen

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On the surface, everything about playing for the Bills seems like a fit for Josh Allen. Except the fact they already have a Josh Allen.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, the Kentucky pass-rusher and high first-round prospect joked that it might be awkward if he ended up with the former Wyoming quarterback on the same roster.

That’d be a little weird,” the most recent Allen said. “It would kind of suck because he was there first. So what are they going to call me?”

New Josh visited the Bills during the pre-draft process, and said he enjoyed it. Like most sane people, he has some concerns about the weather later in the year, along with handling the same-name situation. Old Josh was the Bills’ first-rounder last year, and got in touch with New Josh recently.

“I never met him, but I [got to know] him from social media,” New Josh said. “We talked a couple times. He hit me up not too long ago. But we talked a lot. We wished each other nothing but the best. Hopefully, I get to play with him or at least play against him. And then now we’ve got a story.”

Since the Bills pick ninth and New Josh is expected to go in the top five, it’s more likely that we’ll eventually have to consider Josh Allen-on-Josh Allen crime than having to sort them out as teammates.

15 responses to “Josh Allen unsure about being teammates with Josh Allen

  1. He’s probably more accurate throwing the ball than the one they have now.


  2. I used to work at a welding shop that had 3 guys with the exact same name and when the boss would call over the loud speaker for one of them all 3 would report to his desk. Talk about confusion.

  3. They could just call one of you by your proper name, Joshua, but as an LB you won’t be on the field together anyway.

    My fave name-muddle was when Pats had Jarvis Green and Benjarvus Green-Ellis, both DE.

  4. No need to worry about that happening, he will be long gone before the Bills pick at 9, unless they trade up to get him…lol!

  5. “Like most sane people, he has some concerns about the weather later in the year”

    I hate this so much. It’s as if people forget that some people actually like cold weather, and think sane people should have concerns about living in Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Miami, Arizona, Atlanta, or the Carolinas at the start of the season when it’s miserably hot and you’re playing football and getting even hotter and more dehydrated.

  6. Poor Joe is going to get his Canadian NFL franchise soon. After the completly mis-managed Raiders fail to draw interest in Vegas, look for them to move…to Edmonton, or Winnipeg. The Saskatchewan Raiders has a nice ring, though.

    Too much going on in Vegas to support a team that doesn’t consistently make the playoffs.

  7. Joe. Good timing on the Leafs playoff exit, so you can fully watch the Raider’s debacle. Grownman pretending to be from Toronto…..

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