Rams taking calls about moving down from 31

Getty Images

The Rams didn’t have a first round pick either of the last two years, and they might not pick tonight, either.

This week the Rams’ front office noted the possibility of trading down from the 31st overall pick, and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that they have received calls from teams interested in trading for that pick.

Some teams put extra value on first-round picks because of the contract structure of first-rounders. Players drafted in the second round can sign only four-year contracts, but players drafted in the first round get fifth-year options, which can be valuable to the team for keeping down the player’s price later in his career. That’s why teams are often willing to give up more to move up from, say, No. 35 to No. 31 than they would be willing to give up to move up from, say, No. 39 to No. 35.

So the Rams, who don’t have a lot of pressing needs, may benefit from a deal that could fetch them additional picks for moving down from the late first round to the early second round.