Reports: Bills looking to move up from No. 9

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The start of the draft is almost here and chatter about who wants to move up or down the board has been flying around all day.

Amid that flurry have been multiple reports that the Bills are interested in moving up from the ninth pick of the first round. Some of those reports have linked the Bills with a move into the No. 3 spot currently held by the Jets.

The thought is that the Bills would be targeting former Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams with such a jump up the board. That would require Williams making it through the first two picks and the two sides agreeing to terms.

The Jets have been open about their willingness to move and the Bills have the No. 40 overall pick to offer to a team that doesn’t have a second-round selection after the deal that netted them Sam Darnold last year. There may need to be further compensation and the Jets would also have to feel comfortable about dealing with a team they’ll be seeing twice a year in the AFC East.

9 responses to “Reports: Bills looking to move up from No. 9

  1. Looks like they’re going up for Haskins after last year’s mistake. I wonder if Bills fans have been able to erase from their collective memories the fact that they were the buffoons who traded #10 in 2017 to KC so they could take Mahomes who may be just a little bit better than Mr. 53% completion.

  2. if the Bills were one stellar DT away from the superbowl, I’d say they should go for it. For a team with several holes, the cost is way too high (#9, #40 and at least another 2nd rounder)

  3. So they want to move from 9th to 3rd, huh? Looks eerily similar to just a few years ago when they were all hung-ho to move from 9th to 4th because they just had to have Sammy Watkins. So in addition to trading 1st round picks, they also gave up their 1st round pick in the next draft along with a 4th for the privilege of doing so. That decision worked out so well that after only three seasons playing for the Bills, they declined his 5th year option, which would essentially make him a free agent after the completion of his 4th season. But even that didn’t happen because they wanted him off their roster sooner than that. During training camp heading into his 4th season they traded him along with a sixth-round draft pick for E. J. Gaines and a second round draft pick.

    Oh, and by the way, if they had just stayed where they were they instead of giving up all that extra draft capital for a player who wouldn’t even play out his first contract for the Bills, they could have had their choice of either Odell Beckham or Aaron Donald. So that, along with how another poster described their blunder of trading away the pick that became Patrick Mahomes are prime examples of the Buffalo Bills’ draft acumen. You know what they say about those who don’t learn from history being destined to repeat it. Well, here we go again…

  4. I love the folks comparing Allen to Mahommes. Mahommes went to a stacked team, coached by an offensive genius AND sat one year. So before we go all happy go jackie on trading the pick, lets put it in context…it’s not comparing Apples to Apples. Let’s see how Allen develops with a better OL and a few at least known receivers…..

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