Tytus Howard is Texans’ choice at No. 23

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The Eagles jumped the Texans, trading with the Ravens, to select offensive tackle Andre Dillard at No. 22. Dillard is a player the Texans had targeted with the 23rd pick.

With Dillard off the board, the Texans still went offensive line.

Alabama State offensive lineman Tytus Howard was Houston’s choice, with the Texans hoping he will immediately improve one of the worst offensive lines in football.

Howard, who now weighs 322 pounds, was a high school quarterback who started his college career as a tight end before transitioning to the offensive line.

Howard now weighs 322 pounds, runs a 5.05 40-yard dash and bench presses 225 pounds 21 times.

Howard becomes the highest-drafted player ever from Alabama State. The school had four second-round selections — defensive end Lester Sims to the Browns in 1972, defensive end Curtis Green to the Lions in 1981, linebacker Eddie Robinson to the Oilers in 1992 and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to the Vikings in 2006.

11 responses to “Tytus Howard is Texans’ choice at No. 23

  1. I’m glad Houston is investing in the O-Line! Hopefully he’s a beast and can be a starter from day 1!

  2. His play at the senior bowl boosted his stock tremendously, he was probably the best offensive linemen in 1-1 drills.

  3. As a Texans fan I like it cuz we need an LT more than a RT…Nobody heard of Duane brown when we took him #26 from Virginia polytechnic either…that worked out ok

  4. I’ve seen draft ratings on this guy as low as the 7th round – seriously. Small school player that lacks most fundamentals. At best he’s a massive project. Texans have shown little to no ability to rate or, more importantly, develop O line talent.
    Not to mention there were far more polished O line players available at that pick.
    Looks live Davenport/Rankin ( there’s some quality drafting for you) are safe for another year or two.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  5. If they think the guy is good then ok but there is absolutely no way this guy in not available at 55. They could have drafted Greedy Williams and then gotten this guy at 55. Its just bad drafting…. To be honest, when Dillard fell out of the top 20 they should have traded up and nabbed him.

  6. Are the Texans for real with this pick? This dude wasn’t on anyone’s radar add you take him in the first round. Wow

  7. With Dillard off the board, they were kinda screwed. They could’ve picked Taylor or Ford, but neither are a true left tackle. They must’ve seen something in this kid that others didn’t. All in all, I’m just glad they are trying to address the line in the draft.

    They really need to move in the 2nd now and either get Ford, Taylor or Greedy Williams at CB before they are all gone. They won’t be there for their back to back picks.

  8. When the Texans had #1 overall and took Clowney they were heavily criticized for NOT addressing “need” by taking a QB (Carr, Bortles, etc.).

    Now they’re being criticized for addressing “need” by taking a LT.

    I guess we’re all experts, except the Texans?

  9. We will wait and see how it pans out. This appears to be a reach (even by me), but some of the pundits thought this guy might sneak into the 1st round, so the Texans may not have reached as badly as some of you seem to be making them out to have. I’m not sure if we maximized our value with the pick, and feel like we could have traded down to the end of the 1st and still gotten him.

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