Arizona fielded calls about Rosen but “comfortable” keeping him

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The Cardinals have received calls inquiring about Josh Rosen, General Manager Steve Keim said. That doesn’t mean the team is going to trade him after drafting Kyler Murray with the first overall pick.

Keim said the Cardinals would be “comfortable” having both Murray and Rosen on the roster, noting how many starting quarterbacks miss games with injuries.

“We’re not in the business of letting good football players walk out of here,” Keim said, via Darren Urban of the team website.

The Cardinals didn’t want to fall in love with Murray after spending the 10th overall choice on Rosen last year.

“I’m not going to lie. I didn’t want to watch the tape,” Keim said.

But the more the Cardinals watched Murray, the more convinced they were he was their guy. Now, only weeks after declaring Rosen as their guy, he isn’t.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said he talked to Rosen before the team’s selection of Murray.

But finding a trade partner to give the Cardinals what they want for Rosen won’t be easy. The number of destinations for Rosen was reduced by two on Thursday night when the Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones and Washington took Dwayne Haskins with the 15th choice.

15 responses to “Arizona fielded calls about Rosen but “comfortable” keeping him

  1. They haven’t traded Rosen because no one will give them a high enough pick. Why would a team needing a QB trade for him when the team that drafted him doesn’t think he’s a good enough QB? Trading last year’s 1st round pick for a lower pick this year is a losing plan of action. Might as well keep Rosen and make him compete with Murray. That might make them both better.

  2. If Kyler Murray lives up to expectations and Jimmy G. recovers well, we can have a situation in the NFC West in which the highest paid quarterback in the NFL is the worst starting quarterback in his own division.

  3. The Cardinals are insane! The time to trade Rosen was before they drafted Murray but they demanded a first round pick that no QB needy team would offer. Now best of luck getting anything other than a 5th round or later pick because teams know you’re not going to keep a disgruntled Rosen on your roster.

  4. So, lesse. Rosen is touted as having poor mobility and is more or less a pocket QB. Murray CAN stay in the pocket – but his mobility IS his plus.

    So, gonna teach two different offenses 1st year staff?

    Rosen is gone – matter of time. Nothing against the kid, but he’s not the QB that can run the offense they WANT to run in AZ. He fits the Brady mold – pocket QB, smart, CAN move if he NEEDS to but don’t rely on it. Hell, put him in NE and he’ll excel.

    QBs and systems HAVE to fit and a team shouldn’t have to completely throw out the playbook when a backup comes in – that’s what they would have to do with Rosen. Plus…the is he happy as backup and eventual money thing…just don’t see it working out at all.

  5. I’m guessing his annoying attitude has been severely eroded. The Cardinals got another QB and I’m guessing teams weren’t willing to give up a 1st round pick for him. He has to be hurting.

  6. Translation: Arizona is not in good trading position now and teams arent offering anything near what the Cards expended to draft Rosen

  7. Rosen should do what he has to do to make the Cardinals “uncomfortable” with keeping him. No reason for him to stick around, they haven’t done him any favors.

  8. Rosen is probably going to end up in New England at some point. It’s almost too easy to see. BB will probably get him for pennies on the dollar, and make him into a great QB. He showed flashes of being a good QB when he played but he was on such a bad team and being a rookie that doesn’t go well for your development. Now he’s going to be fighting just to stay on the team let alone playing time.

  9. It’s not uncommon for the #1 QB selected in the draft to be disappointing. It’s very, very common for the fourth QB taken in the draft to be disappointing.

    Here are the other quarterbacks taken as the fourth quarterback selected in their drafts.

    2018 (1st round) Josh Rosen, 2017 DeShone Kizer, 2016 Christian Hackenberg, 2015 Sean Mannion, 2014 Derek Carr, 2013 Matt Barkley, 2012 (1st round) Brandon Weeden, 2011 (1st round) Christian Ponder, 2010 Colt McCoy, 2009 Pat White, 2008 Chad Henne, 2007 John Beck, 2006 Kellen Clemens, 2005 Charlie Frye, 2004 (1st round) J.P. Losman, 2003 (1st round) Rex Grossman, 2002 Josh McCown

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