Cardinals try to create a market for a Byron Murphy trade

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Teams who trade down in a draft aren’t trading a pick, they’re trading a player. And the Cardinals are trying to trade cornerback Byron Murphy.

Per a league source, that’s precisely what they’re trying to do. They leaked “firm confirmation” of their plans at No. 33 to ESPN in order to spark a market for Murphy.

Perhaps they will pick Murphy if they use the pick. But they’re being suddenly chatty about their plans for the first pick of a given draft night because they’d prefer to trade him.

It’s a smart play, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Cardinals have a separate goal in mind. Whether they achieve it remains to be seen.

15 responses to “Cardinals try to create a market for a Byron Murphy trade

  1. The cardinals are a joke. Their gm has completely messed up this whole situation with Rosen they could and should have dealt him before draft. Feel bad for the kid

  2. If they don’t include Rosen in the trade, they’re morons. Keeping Rosen is not only an insult to him, but also a dumb way to start the Murray/Kingsbury tenure.

  3. Mayock’s only mistake yesterday was in coming on NFL Network after the draft and talking about turning down two trade offers for the 2.03 pick today. As well as expecting to get more offers today for the pick.

    The Cardinals apparently saw this and opened the flood gates…

  4. I don’t understand this if you don’t want the slot, trade the slot. If you don’t like the player choose a different player. What’s the problem ?

  5. So the moron team that gave away a 3rd and 5th round pick last year to move up and take their “franchise” QB. Then takes another 1st round QB a year later with the same GM and all of a sudden they are the smartest team in football. Rosen should be thankful to get moved to another team.

  6. somebody is going to get Rosen for nothing after this mess. and whats funny is if Rosen and Murray where in the same draft i bet Rosen goes higher.

  7. Arizona is about to pick up a 2nd round pick in a Josh Rosen trade giving them two seconds tonight. I’d love to see them trade back a few spots out of 33 for an extra 3rd & 5th or something giving them two 3rds and two 5ths as well. Depends on how badly someone wants Murphy. Murphy was expected to go before the 20th pick in the 1st round of the draft and was ranked as a mid 1st round pick on a lot of boards reportedly, someone likely will really want him. I’d love to land him but AZ has more pressing needs they need to fill other than CB as Arizona needs to build around Kyler Murray.

  8. It makes perfect sense. Hype up the spot. If they feel that’s the most in demand player it doesn’t hurt to let those know behind them he will not be available.

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