Chiefs again express “concern,” but no action on Tyreek Hill

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Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach announced late Thursday night that Tyreek Hill would not be with the team during offseason workouts after a recording was made public of Hill and his fiancee discussing the incident that left their son with a broken arm. About 12 hours later on Friday, the Chiefs released the same statement.

The Chiefs’ follow up, which is almost word-for-word the statement that Veach read to reporters on Thursday night, seems to be an attempt to buy time while they figure out what to do with Hill, the supremely talented wide receiver who should have already been on thin ice after he violently attacked his fiancee when she was pregnant with their now 3-year-old son.

“We were made aware of the audio between Tyreek and Crystal,” the team’s statement said, echoing Veach’s comments. “We were made aware of this information in real time, just like the general public. We were deeply disturbed and concerned by what we heard. We have great concern for Crystal, we are greatly concerned for Tyreek, but our main concern is with the young child. We decided at this time and for the foreseeable future, Tyreek Hill will not take part in any team activities. We are going to gather more information, we’re going to evaluate this information, and we will make the right decision regarding Tyreek Hill.”

Pressure is growing on the Chiefs not just to talk about taking the matter seriously, but to act on it by releasing Hill. Simply putting out a statement is not sufficient.

66 responses to “Chiefs again express “concern,” but no action on Tyreek Hill

  1. How does a team go from respectful and respectable players like Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, and Eric Berry to criminals like Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Frank Clark in such short order? That organization should be ashamed.

  2. Ban him for life. There’s not a severe enough punishment for a “man” who lays his hands on a pregnant woman and a young child. He’s also a repeat offender. He should be in jail.

  3. I’m not a Chiefs fan but everyone wants blood and knee jerk reactions. Why don’t we let the team make the most informed decision when they can. Its the offseason, they are keeping him away from the team and figuring out how they want to move forward.

  4. Who signed off on drafting Hunt and Hill? Both had very sketchy character to say the least.

  5. This is not a Chiefs issue, this is a NFL issue.

    Chiefs can cut him, but if Cleveland just swoops in and picks him up for free then what’s the point?

    NFL needs to put this guy on the exempt list asap.

    He strangled his pregnant girlfriend and broke his 3 year old’s arm, what is King Roger waiting for?

  6. If this was a bubble player or, say the 43rd guy on the roster, they would have been cut days ago.

    The Chiefs are developing the Bengals stench….

  7. Maybe Trey Wingo can go on national TV tonight and attempt to be our moral compass. what a ridiculous load of manure ESPN spread last night regarding the Simmons issue. This is an entirely different situation. Its pretty clear what Hill is and all about. Chiefs should release and no one else should be allowed to sign him

  8. The only uniform this sick individual should be wearing in the furture is a prison uniform!

  9. Dear Chiefs,

    WTF is taking so long? You made a mistake, cut your losses, and hope to hell you can move on before this PR nightmare consumes the franchise.

    Your helpful pal,


  10. Kinda awful situation. They cut him and some team gets him for peanuts after the league slaps his hand. They keep him and they’re the devil. Like giving away the winning lottery ticket that blew onto your yard.

  11. Kareem Hunt got cut immediately for WAYYYY less. That arguably could’ve been a one time incident.

    Tyreek is clearly an abusive scumbag who puts his family in danger. And it’s clear the Chiefs want to hold on to him. What a shame.

  12. They have a lot of concern for his fiance’s well-being? So much concern that they decided to draft Hill after he punched her pregnant stomach and choked her into unconsciousness a few years ago…..hmmm, sure.

  13. Idiots thought they could cut Kareem Hunt (for a far lesser offense) and still win the superbowl. They were wrong. Now they are desperately trying to hold onto Tyreek. The new thinking in KC is to suspend him from workouts and let the furor die down.

  14. Mahomes won’t even be able to sniff a 50TD/5000yd season this year or any other for the near future!

  15. Forget playing football. Hill needs to go to jail for a long, long time. Lock him up. He can play on the mean machine team in prison.

  16. It’s pretty clear Reid and Veatch are stalling while they frantically try to come up with some justification for keeping him. Where’s Clark Hunt? This is his franchise on fire lately.

  17. Kareem Hunt may have been more expendable than Tyreek Hill, or was he? I think the Chiefs may have been the AFC rep in the SB if they did not cut Kareem Hunt. You do not lose the rushing champ and not suffer on offense.

  18. burtmustin says:
    April 26, 2019 at 1:13 pm
    Concerns..We’ve had a few, then again too few to mention…
    Concerns.. We had a few, but then he ran a four-two forty…

  19. Watching from afar in New England I have no dog in the fight but this whole situation is just disturbing. I actually feel bad for Pat Mahomes, seems like a real likable kid that’s Uber talented surrounded by psychos. Chiefs need to dump this guy but as others have stated, other teams should not be able to sign him, he should be banned. Ray Rice treatment.

    After all these years I Still cannot believe the whole deflate gate crap with Goodell, suspension, $5mil investigation, etc…when this crap happens every year. Weird world the NFL is.

  20. skins99 says:
    April 26, 2019 at 1:41 pm
    The problem is if they cut him somebody else will pick him right up.


    I think many people could see a way to punish, teach and forgive Hunt based on his transgressions. I don’t see that with Hill. He should be gone.

  21. Been a fan since the early 80’s so I’ve supported some BAD teams & lived through Todd Haley HC era. Granted Dorsey drafted Hill & Hunt but Clark Hunt had to approve it. We’ve had players with off-field issues in the past like every team but nothing close to thid because Lamar Hunt cared about integrity. I truly miss him right now…

  22. If he did what it appears he is clearly a terrible human being and should be suspended for a loooong time at a minimum but totally sucks to lose one of the most exciting players in the nfl.

  23. widerightyouloseagain says:
    April 26, 2019 at 1:09 pm
    The Chiefs are the new Bengals, they couldn’t care less about women or children.

    Shame on them.


    KC freely sent Kareem Hunt down the road quick last season ,,,
    many teams would not have done that
    Browns snapped him right up
    KC has much more class than the Bengals,,,

  24. The crazy thing about this is – he either broke his kids arm, or knows who did it. Either way he is lying or covering up for someone and is not concerned for his child’s well being. The league will just give him an ongoing suspension and I doubt he ever plays again.

  25. omeimontis says:
    April 26, 2019 at 1:40 pm
    Kareem Hunt may have been more expendable than Tyreek Hill, or was he? I think the Chiefs may have been the AFC rep in the SB if they did not cut Kareem Hunt. You do not lose the rushing champ and not suffer on offense.


    You mean if he wasn’t suspended. It didn’t matter if he was cut or not, he wasn’t playing.


  26. Wow, this is truly amazing. This is a huge black eye for the Chiefs, what a disgusting display of humanity. I love how they are acting as if “let’s let this play out”, have you heard the audio? Punching his son in the chest for crying. HE IS THREE. Wow, just wow. This shows just how desperate the Chiefs have become to be relevant that they disregard basic humanity.

  27. NFL needs to ban him for life. What does it do for the Chiefs if they release him and he signs with another team? They did that with Kareem Hunt and now he is with Cleveland. Ban him so he cannot get another job in the NFL.

  28. I’m not going to get upset if they don’t do something over the most important weekend for making a team of the year, but next week is a different story.

  29. Also the NFL players union could protest any action the Chiefs take. Not protecting the player at all. I believe he should be gone for good. Chiefs have to let it play out to ensure the legal system is followed correctly

  30. Does anyone think this is a Chiefs favor via Goodell to offset the excessive Chiefs “tampering” penalty a few years ago?

    Like, if the Chiefs felt they were over-punished (which they were on the heels of Deflategate for Goodell to show he was tough on everyone for any supposed violation), maybe Goodell is thinking he is doing KC a solid similar to how Goodell lied twice about Ray Rice and didn’t care how bad it looked he did lie twice?

  31. While we don’t have all the facts here, what we do have paints a pretty terrible picture. To me, unless this turns out to be an elaborate hoax by the fiancée, this isn’t something you can come back from. Not that hitting women is acceptable, but physically abusing children in the manner crosses a line for a lot of people. It shouldn’t be fans pressuring the Chiefs to cut him, it should be his teammates. Nobody should want to be associated with a guy like this.

  32. NFL players don’t get paid in the off season. Acting now versus acting in 3 months makes no difference at all. If anything it screws Hill more to keep him on the roster. Hunt knew immediately that he had a landing spot when his suspension was over, that never sat well with me

  33. Listening to the recording where Hill says his son needs to respect me was sickening. Who expects a 3 year old to respect them? I don’t think that thought ever crossed my mind when my son was 3 or too many times since.

    Second, when someone punches a pregnant in the stomach, it seems pretty clear what Hills intent was. Had she lost baby, he’s getting charged with murder.

  34. The problem is this. Hill regardless of what has happened is considered one of the top WR in the NFL. so the chiefs are probably looking at what happened with hunt and are saying, why should we just hand our best WR to another team for free?

    now if the NFL is willing to drop the hammer on him and ban him for ever then yeah cut him. but why cut him if he is going to give some preped sorry speach and get a 2nd chance with another team? then the chiefs are left with nothing for it?

  35. The Chiefs “Did the right thing” by releasing one of their best players in Kareem Hunt and got a few kudos but hurt the strength of their team and for what? Hunt is back in the league and nobody is going to make a huge stink about it. Now they are faced with releasing arguably their second best player when they are a legit superbowl contender. I can see why they are hesitating. Nobody is advocating child and woman beating, but the team is supposed to take the hit and then the player goes to a new team and starts over (see Hunt and Adrian Peterson)? It’s not as easy as you guys are making it sound. The high road might cost them a Superbowl.

  36. This is not a Chiefs issue, this is a NFL issue.
    Chiefs can cut him, but if Cleveland just swoops in and picks him up for free then what’s the point?
    NFL needs to put this guy on the exempt list asap.
    He strangled his pregnant girlfriend and broke his 3 year old’s arm, what is King Roger waiting for?

    he needs to be banished from the NFL for life—— he would not be missed

  37. Seems to be turning into a Michal Vick situation very quickly. The Chiefs and the NFL should distance themselves quickly.

  38. Why are the Chiefs wasting time on this? He should be “thrown out” of football for ever.
    He doesn’t deserve to be on any team. Actually he should be in prison for awhile.
    That poor little boy, its tragic.

  39. “Pressure is growing on the Chiefs not just to talk about taking the matter seriously, but to act on it by releasing Hill. Simply putting out a statement is not sufficient.”

    ‘Simply putting out a statement’ and barring him from the facility is substantially more than the league has done. Hill should be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list immediately until the audio is verified and a suspension/ban is put in place. Cutting him now just rewards the scumbag GM that drafted him. Dorsey, now GM of the Browns, would be able to pick him up and even give him a raise. What we should be asking here is ‘Where is Roger’ on this one?

  40. Releasing Hunt was a huge mistake. I argued against it at the time. It was an over-reaction by the Chiefs which did nothing but hurt their team.

  41. That prosecutor is all primed to put Hill in jail for years. Watch the prosecutor charge Hill with Felony threats against his fiancee as well as child abuse. Hill has played his last game in KC and likely the NFL for years. Ray Rice never came back. Hill may not either, and he never got his huge contract. Behavior has consequences.

  42. The optics on this are horrible, and if true, I’m all in on a lifetime ban. Behavior like that against a child is inexcusable, and unfortunately more common than most of us probably realize. But don’t hang the guy just yet. There’s a process and a backstory. His girl secretly recorded him and appeared to be pressing to get him to say some things. What’s that about? The tape implicates her too. It’s really fun to destroy someone you don’t know through the media, social and otherwise. But take a breath. The truth will come out. And when it does the right things will happen.

    Besides he’s banned from all team activities. There was swift and APPROPRIATE action taken against Hill. It needs to play out.

    a furious Chiefs fan

  43. With Hill and Hunt out, poor Mahomes’ production is bound to take a hit through no fault of his own…. yet that’s how the haters will interpret it.

  44. The first bit from the prosecutor was bad. At that, you say, “we are watching developments and will take action”. The audio? Clear and easy to react to. CUT HIM. The NFL is not going to let this slide. He’s banned for a year or more. No question. CUT HIM.

  45. Born and raised here in Kansas City. Kansas City prides itself on being a friendly and family oriented city. What Clark Hunt, Andy Reid, and Brett Veach are doing to our city’s reputation is inexcusable and just plain wrong. They are putting football over the safety of woman and children which is appalling. Hill already got his seconded chance and laughed in the face of the Chiefs and Kansas City with his actions. I have been a Chiefs fan all my life but I am done. I would rather lose with high character guys than win with players that beat woman and children.

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