Chiefs didn’t interview Tyreek Hill about child-abuse investigation

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In late November, the Chiefs abruptly released running back Kareem Hunt after video emerged of Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in the hallway of a Cleveland hotel. Currently, the Chiefs have yet to release receiver Tyreek Hill after audio emerged of Hill threatening the mother of his three-year-old child and apparently admitting to breaking the boy’s arm.

Several reasons exist for the differences in treatment. First, although Hunt is good (he led the league in rushing in 2017), Hill is better. Much better. He’s perhaps the best receiver in the NFL, given what he can do with the ball and what he does to a defense, which has no choice but to cover every inch of the field (especially with a quarterback who can put the ball anywhere on the field).

Second, unless the Chiefs are certain that Hill will be banished by the league, the Chiefs have to worry about the man who drafted Hill giving him safe harbor in Cleveland. Browns G.M. John Dorsey already has signed Hunt, and adding Hill to a passing game that features Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, and Baker Mayfield could make the Browns into a dynasty.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the Chiefs cut Hunt because he’d lied to them. He said he didn’t do anything, and the video showed that he did. Hill didn’t lie to the Chiefs because, per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Chiefs did not interview Hill regarding the child-abuse investigation.

The statement issued by Hill on Thursday includes an explanation from his lawyers that Hill met with law enforcement, did not invoke his Fifth Amendment rights, and answered all questions. Given that the prosecutor opted not to charge Hill or anyone else due to a lack of evidence regarding the identity of the person who injured Hill’s child, it’s safe to say that Hill denied doing so.

If Hill had said the same thing to the Chiefs, the audio would have become proof that Hill lied to the team. Which would have made it even harder for the Chiefs to not take quick and decisive action.

That said, the Chiefs didn’t refrain from talking to Hill in order to avoid giving him an opportunity to lie. The NFL quickly intervened in the Hill case, and at that point the Chiefs deferred to the league office.

Although these factors may explain the differences between the ultra-swift action taken against Hunt and the slower pace (relatively speaking) of the Hill case, the Chiefs still need to cut Hill now, absent credible evidence that the compelling and disturbing audio that surfaced Thursday evening was in some way falsified or doctored.

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  1. Cutting Hill will make it that much harder for them to win the Super Bowl. Bad move to get rid of one of your best players

  2. I can’t wait for a time where the NFL actually makes it a privilege to play in the league and allows GOOD people to earn the millions that they do.

  3. “…the Chiefs still need to cut Hill now, absent credible evidence that the compelling and disturbing audio that surfaced Thursday evening was in some way falsified or doctored.”

    No, they do not need to “cut him now” regardless of how reprehensible we all feel harming a child is. What needs to happen now is Goodell putting him him on the commissioner’s exempt list. Cutting Hill now just rewards the ethically casual John Dorsey and morally bankrupt Haslam the opportunity to pick him up at no cost.

  4. Plain and simple. the Chiefs are dirty. Reid knew about Hunt and most likely knew something happened with Hill, but chose to turn the other cheek until audio and video MADE him do something. Roger Goodell needs to step up and issue a massive penalty. The Chiefs can’t keep covering up criminal issues. Fact.

  5. What does this even mean?

    That said, the Chiefs didn’t refrain from talking to Hill in order to avoid giving him an opportunity to lie. The NFL quickly intervened in the Hill case, and at that point the Chiefs deferred to the league office.

    What has the NFL done to HILL?

  6. It was not “ultra swift” treatment with Hunt. The event happened months before. The CHiefs had time to meet with Hunt … who lied about the situation. A video later emerged that showed he lied.

    In this case, the incident happened last month. The police were investigating and the NFL was/is too. The Chiefs very well may have met with him after the draft to talk.

    With that said . . Hill should get the same treatment from the Chiefs. Let Dorsey pick him up.

  7. Fascinating that the audio tape is released on the day of the draft. Very strategic.
    If the Chiefs were on the fence about Hill before that, that tape certainly pushed them over it.
    One could argue that if the Chiefs heard that tape earlier they could have made definitive plans to draft a replacement for Hill. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that Hills career ended on the same day that a lot of other players careers began.

  8. You’re off your rocker thinking ANY team will sign him after that audio, assuming it’s legit. Furthermore, there’s not enough footballs to go around in Cleveland if you added him. Great player but Cleveland has plenty of receivers. As far as being possibly the best WR in the league…please. Such receivers do not go invisible like he did against the Pats in the playoffs. If that audio is real, his career is over, period.

  9. Need to make sure it was actually Hill in that audio tape first. Just saying. Maybe she is setting him up. You never know these days

  10. File this under “willful ignorance”. The Chiefs and the entire NFL are a freaking joke.

  11. The audio is damning. I’m not sure how the court would look at this in terms of entrapment, but that’s something for the lawyers to suss out. This guy is done. The rest of the NFL needs to slam the door on this guy. I don’t put it past Washington or some other team giving this guy a second (third? fourth?) chance but even that should not be allowed. If this league is truly trying to change their image and be more “fan friendly” they need to send a message that this kind of disgusting behavior has no place in this league. Going forward, the personal conduct policy needs to be enhanced and strictly enforced. No exceptions.

  12. People are judging the audio without listening to it or reading it. He doesnt admit to anything and literally says “I didnt do nothing” on the audio. Do you think he said something different to investigators?

  13. Oh the Browns are a Dynasty now? Pump the breaks. Their QB didn’t even have a winning record last year.

  14. I love it, have my popcorn ready. This is what happens to a team when you ignore character when assembling a team. Welcome back to mediocrity KC fans.

  15. They really need to authenticate the audio tape. It’s sad to even think MOM and DAD are playing GAMES so the cash cow doesnt stop producing. I’m glad that child is out of that house.

  16. Makes no sense for the Chiefs wether the league is running the investigation to not at least sit down w Hill and have a conversation about the incident which is over a week old. They should’ve at least had him in meet w him and asked him his side of the story. They can still let the legal side and league side to play out but at least have ur player in to hear his side.
    I believe dude would definitely lie about everything anyway as dude seem to have just a plain out bad person but at least talk to the guy.

  17. Reid said himself just a couple weeks ago that they hadn’t spoken to Hill, they were letting it be investigated, it was the off season. This isn’t news.

    Also, Goodell needs to put him on the list before the chiefs cut him.

  18. this could be all be stopped pretty easy-

    A player does something like this- first time – 16 game ban. second time =lifetime ban.

    First time player does this- loss of a 4th round pick, second time loss of a second round pick.

  19. The Chiefs were burned by Hunt. They listened to what he said, took his word for it and went about their business until the tapes revealed the truth. The Chiefs learned from this and are taking the player and his side of the story out of their decision making and letting the facts unfold. The audio came out, and the Chiefs have banned him from the facility and off season work out. Rumors around KC, are that the Chiefs are waiting on the NFL to add him to the commissioner exempt list before they release him. However, he is busy with the draft in TN.

  20. I think Dorsey is a very good evaluator of talent, but you have to remember that he came up under Ron Wolf. While Wolf was an excellent GM, and now in the Hall of Fame, Wolf came up with the Raiders, and Al Davis never minded misfits and character flaws as long as they could play.
    Bob McGinn once wrote an article about how Wolf was filling out depth with some questionable characters. Despite some missteps late in Ted Thompson’s career, he pretty much stayed away from hoodlums.

  21. Chiefs fans crying about wanting compensation for this guy! I’m sorry but the Chiefs knew exactly who they were drafting and that is the risk you take.

  22. Chiefs didn’t interview Tyreek Hill about child-abuse investigation

    What’s that new cliche they came up with for these exact situtations: PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY?

  23. This makes me think maybe KC should lose a draft pick over this. You don’t bring in Your player who stands accused of breaking His Childs arm and ask what the hell is going on? They knew if He said no and something like a video or tape comes out they would then have to cut Him.

  24. “They really need to authenticate the audio tape”

    Pretty sure the KC TV station that aired that would have done so thoroughly. Imaging releasing that as a home town station and then it proves to be not to be Hill and his fiance. They’d get crucified

  25. Why does everyone want a resolution right now? Isn’t it possible that all of the people in charge have been worrying about the draft for the last few weeks and were going to address this next week? That would be the smart thing to do.

  26. Unfortunately, the authorities placed the child back in the home after 48 hours. Then the audio tape surfaces. SMH!

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