Chris Grier: Josh Rosen is a talented guy at a premium position

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The Dolphins wrapped up lengthy talks with the Cardinals about trading for quarterback Josh Rosen near the end of the second round when they sent the No. 62 pick and a 2020 fifth-round pick to Arizona for the 2018 first-round pick.

After the deal was done, Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier met with the media to discuss the move. He said Rosen was “always a guy who had a lot of talent” and that the team felt there was good value in making a deal that had been buzzed about even before the Cardinals took Kyler Murray with the first overall pick.

Grier didn’t delve too deeply into the Dolphins’ read on Rosen out of UCLA last year, but noted it’s a different coaching staff and said Rosen was a “young, talented guy at a premium position” by way of further explanation of the move.

Grier said that Rosen will compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick and that head coach Brian Flores will make the ultimate call on which player starts come Week One. Given how much everyone already knows about Fitzpatrick, it seems likely that Rosen will get every chance to show he can handle the job this summer.

20 responses to “Chris Grier: Josh Rosen is a talented guy at a premium position

  1. Kay cutler is a talented guy at a premier position. Doesnt mean he is a leader of men. Those players arent going to run through a wall for josh rosen. Chris Grier needs to start measuring heart. I hate this waste of a pick. We missed out on Erik mccoy and zack allen. SMFH.

  2. Hopefully this kid can make a go of it and show the cardinals they made a mistake

  3. Stupid trade. The money is good but they basically gave up a late 2nd and a fifth for a back up qb.

  4. LOVE IT! Chris Grier is smart. He proved it in his first draft. Tannenbum& Goose were holding us back. It’s clear now. Watch coach Flo’s talk with Christian& you’ll see what it’s about. Belicheat& Brady will retire soon. Josh Rosen will still be in the league longer than Kliffsbury&Kylee ever will be.🐬

  5. Keim: HEY I have a great idea, let’s package up the 15th, a 3rd and a 5th rounder and take Rosen and then trade him for the 62nd pick next year!

    What a MORON!

  6. The man didn’t even get the starter reps in AZ until he was tossed to the wolves on a rancid team. I hope the guy does well in Miami.

  7. Miami gets Rosen for $6.2M spread over 3 years for a 2nd at #62 & 2020 5th –
    I have to say it looks like Grier definitely got the “deal” of this draft from Arizona.
    And for all you Rosen haters – He’s got a lot of POTENTIAL & he’ll will push Fitzpatrick in camp though its highly doubtful he gets to start.
    Remember much of the problem was he was thrown to “wolves” last year as a rookie!

  8. With the Dolphin team in front of him, Rosen is going to be raw meat. And he thought he had it bad in Arizona. Ouch. Josh, be careful what you asked for. You just went from a bad team to a really bad team.

  9. Serendipity lands the Dolphins a talented 22 year-old franchise quarterback at a crazy low price! Take this as motivation, kid – don’t be even slightly disheartened. It was the Cardinals hiring Kingsbury, his Air Raid offense, and his long-time interest in Murray that brought this about.

  10. They got the 2nd round pick back next year and they have a dozen picks next year,too. Also, tons of cap space.

  11. We have waited 20 years for this team to make good decision’s, I hope we keep doing that. Bill

  12. There is no doubt that Rosen is cheap and has a 5th year option but go read the assessment of him on NFL’s draft prospect breakdown and explain how he was ever a top 10 pick in the first place. He had a reputation of not being committed to football and lacked leadership skills and had an attitude. He got mad about not being the #1 pick and as soon as AZ drafted Murray Rosen went full teenage girl and unfollowed/unfriended AZ on social media. There is no way this guy will rally people to play for him (assuming he plays this year) and after a year of evaluation on a team with huge holes the Dolphins (and Rosen) are right back where they were last week. Dolphins will not have enough information to ignore a QB in the draft and Rosen will worry they draft a QB to compete/replace him. More social media drama from him is likely and if the Dolphins do draft a QB next year, they couldn’t get a soggy bag of chips for Rosen at that point.

  13. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Ryan Fitzpatrick should start this season for the Dolphins. Let Rosen take a step back from this mental mess he has been through and be taught the right way of doing things.
    Worked for KC.
    The only thing that would make me change my mind is if the kid comes in here and takes over the huddle and just blows everyone away.
    Not likely.
    The QB of the future is here.
    Hopefully we know what to do with him.

  14. Nice day today for Rosen. The thank you message for AZ was a step in the right direction. Hopefully he got a wake-up call and can now achieve his potential.

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