Dave Gettleman: Giants could sit Daniel Jones for three years

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The Giants drafted Daniel Jones as the heir apparent to Eli Manning, but they aren’t ready to set a timetable for the Duke quarterback to take over the starting job.

In fact, General Manager Dave Gettleman offered a stunning thought: The Giants could sit Jones for up to three seasons, like Aaron Rodgers once did behind Brett Favre. Surely, he jests. Right?

“Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model, where Rodgers sat for three years. Who knows?” Gettleman said, via Ryan Dunleavy of NJ Advance Media. “You can never have too many good players at one position.”

The Packers hadn’t had a losing record in 14 years when they drafted Rodgers 24th overall in 2005. The Giants drafted Jones over players such as Ed Oliver, Josh Allen, Rashan Gary and Jonah Williams to replace a 38-year-old quarterback nearing the end.

“We drafted a quarterback that we believe is a franchise quarterback,” Gettleman said of Jones. “That’s really the long and the short of it.”

Asked if the plan for Manning was one more season, Gettleman said, “Absolutely not.”

So who knows how long Manning will play . . . and how long Jones will wait.

31 responses to “Dave Gettleman: Giants could sit Daniel Jones for three years

  1. Somehow Gettleman made a bad pick seem even worse after these comments. Hey Dave, in case you haven’t noticed, Eli at 38 is not Brett Favre in 2005. Nit even close. For you to think Eli is good enough to play 3 more seasons is ridiculous. That you would pick a qb 10-15 spots higher than expected and say he may sit multiple years on the bench shows you have no business running the Giants organization

  2. Openly committing to 2+ more years of Eli Manning?

    That’s almost as stupid as trading Odell Beckham for the 17th overall pick.

  3. Belichick gets a lot of heat for the way he talks to the media. Sure, sometimes he talks to them like they’re stupid. But he never talks to them like WE’RE stupid.

    I get that Gettleman has to stand behind his QB, but couldn’t he do it in a way that is less insulting to our intelligence?

  4. If The Plan is for Jones to sit for 3yrs,Gettleman needs to be fired RIGHT NOW!!!! Yes Rodgers sat that long BUT he had A Great QB in front of him. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure Eli is neither great OR good,yet this means he’s goung to get an Extension and cont. to make sure Giants draft in Top 5. As a Skins Fan I’m not sure Haskins will work out but I’m sure he’s better than Jones.

  5. Just so I understand this, last year the Giants did not draft a quarterback, instead drafting an position player that was arguably as talented as any person in the entire draft, and were heavily criticized for not drafting a quarterback. This year, they draft the quarterback they want, and are being criticized for passing up other talented position players? Gimme a break.

  6. Wonder what he was thinking when 17 came around and another QB hadn’t been taken? Think he admitted to himself he went Jones too early?

  7. Giants fan, this seems like a poor draft if your tying to combine someone with Saquan. Running backs do not last forever. Should have went with Josh Allen if your trying to win with Eli and grab a QB next year. What makes Jones a #6 pick?

  8. Too many good players at one position? It isn’t clear at this point if the Giants even have one good player at QB.

  9. Gettleman will have the Gianst just good enough that they don’t draft in teh top 5, so the next GM will have to pay through the nose to trade up for a good QB.

  10. I’m thinking that once Arizona picked another QB, that Giants could of waited until 17 for this guy.

  11. Like Dave Gettleman, I grew up in Dorchester. And if I were GM of the Giants, I would have drafted Daniel Jones also.

    Go Patriots !!

  12. This explains why the Giants didn’t draft a QB last year. This has been planned for quite a while. The Manning family called the shots here. Now Eli gets an extension.

  13. You don’t draft a guy that high in the first round to have him sit three years unless he’s the second coming of Joe Montana. What a stupid thing to say.

  14. At some point Giant’s ownership has to start to take some responsibility as they were the one that hired Gettleman and Reese. It is quite clear Gettleman has no idea what he is doing and continues to set this team back years.

  15. I am a lifelong (38 years) and rational GIANTS fan.

    I really don’t understand how Gettelman was the pick here. He is more inept than Jerry Reese.

    Had to get a Pass Rusher and an O-Lineman. Didn’t even get one of them.

  16. If you people haven’t learned by now, Gettleman doesn’t feel obligated to share his thoughts regarding his short term, or long term plans at QB. He had y’all thinking he wasn’t going to draft a QB. Maybe he’d do it at #17. Surprise!!! He picked one at #7. Now he’s saying maybe three years sitting behind Eli. Surprise!! It’s more likely to be 3 games than 3 years. Hello. Anyone home? Gettleman wasn’t born yesterday. Daniel Jones is a can’t miss, elite franchise QB. Should have been the #1 pick. If Gettleman was a talker, he wouldn’t have landed a HOF QB with the #7 pick.

  17. Might as well let him sit 4-5-6 years. What are they expecting after that monster 17-19 college record?

  18. Daniel Jones, I would have pull a play from Eli Manning’s Draft Day Playbook and demand a trade elsewhere. You must be thrilled with this plan for your football career…yes?

  19. “You can never have too many good players at one position.”


    The giants don’t have ONE good player at that position.

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