Jawaan Taylor to hang around green room another night

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Florida tackle Jawaan Taylor was thought by some to be a potential top 10 pick.

Since he didn’t go in the top 32, he’s going to hang around for another chance to walk across the stage.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Taylor will stay in Nashville for the second round of the draft tonight.

Taylor was one of five players invited to Nashville by the league who weren’t picked last night, along with Drew Lock, Cody Ford, Greedy Williams, and D.K. Metcalf. It’s unclear if any of the rest will stay as well.

Taylor is viewed as a possible immediate starter at right tackle, and should draw early interest tonight.

10 responses to “Jawaan Taylor to hang around green room another night

  1. I pray my Cardinals stay away from him. Taylor is still on the board because he struggles in pass protection, he could get better but it’s a risk to take a guy this high who struggles in pass-pro. Personally I would much rather have RT/G Cody Ford who can play both RT and RG. Ford will most likely be an excellent RG over the course of his pro career. I wouldn’t mind drafting him. If Ford goes to AZ he can sit for a while before starter and coming from OU he’s blocked for Kyler Murray before and knows what to expect and how to block for him. I have a feeling AZ adds some weapons with that first pick or trades back adding an extra 3rd n 5th and then adds a receiver in the 2nd. Any team who takes Taylor likely is a run first offense though taking him for his run blocking prowess as Taylor is a mauler he is just struggles in pass pro versus speed.

  2. No, he’s on the board still because he has a bad knee. I bet a lot of teams removed him completely from the draft board because of it. Top of the line OTs don’t last until round 2 unless something is wrong with either their medicals, or they’re idiots off the field.

  3. Have you seen the Cardinals line? If o lineman gets drafted in the 2nd to Arizona – they’re not sitting. They’re starting day one. Murray will be running for his life like Russell Wilson was first few seasons.

  4. He won’t be the last one sitting in the green room unless the others get mad and go home.

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