Josh Rosen won’t be liking the Cardinals (online)

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The Cardinals have bungled their quarterback situation in a generational way.

So it stands to reason that the latest quarterback to hit the discard pile has made his feelings known in the most millennial way possible.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (whose parents sent him to journalism school for this), Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has unfollowed the Cardinals on Instagram.

Even though the Cardinals insist they don’t plan on giving Rosen away, he became surplus to requirements when they used the first overall pick on Kyler Murray last night.

This is where we point out that the Cardinals wasted millions in free agency on Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon in free agency last year, and traded a third- and a fifth-rounder last year to move up to take Rosen 10th overall.

Now they’re likely going to trade him for pennies on the dollar, turning the page on one of the worst offseasons in recent memory (but it was all Steve Wilks’ fault, obviously).

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  1. I’m still irritated they used the entire clock last night when picking first overall. Were they still “undecided” at that point? Just weird.

  2. Bradford and Glennon were bad choices. Rosen was at least a swing in the right direction. Murray was another swing. You keep swinging for the fences for a QB. That’s what you have to do these days…

  3. They could have avoided this and improved their team by not drafting Murray and taking a guy on defense instead. Keim is really bad at his job; I’m not sure how he keeps it.

  4. I give the Cardinals credit. The “prudent” move would have been to ride it out with Rosen and see what you could make of him. The aggressive move was to realize that you’ve gotten a new coach, new scheme, and have what many believe is the perfect QB to run it available to you, so TAKE HIM! How many times have we watched teams draft a QB who ended up being a square peg in a round hole for their organization, but they waste 5 years figuring it out because they took him in the first round? I give them credit for going against the grain and doing what they think is best, regardless of what the norm says they should do.

  5. The Cardinals are hoping to Houston Texan their issues away. They need to find a trade partner to unload ROSweiler while they are at it.

  6. Not sure about Steve Wilks, but the ‘Curse of the Bidwell Family’ continues … from Chicago to St.Louis to Arizona, this Family might be the worst in Pro Sports History.

  7. On the bright side their new starting QB is 5’5 and weighs 175 lbs. Oh, and will probably go back to baseball as soon as he realizes he can’t play in the NFL.

  8. Boy Oh Boy how Keim’s stock has fallen. When he hired Arians and got Palmer he was a stud. He made some desperate signings and draft moves last yr and looks like a total idiot now. He can say all he wants about depth and how they aren’t going to just give Rosen away but for the sake of his career they should get what they can and give him a fresh start. It’s bad enough they destroyed Steve Wilks credibility now it’s time to be a man and do what’s right. We all know he won’t have that chance next yr cuz he’ll be out after this season anyways.

  9. There is a reason why the Cardinals are the way they are….and that is not a good thing. The fact that a fool like Bruce Ariens was probably their best coach in recent memory tells you all you need to know about them.

    But if you need more help understanding that, they now have a HC that was not good enough to keep being employed at the college level and they drafted a QB first overall that probably should have gone undrafted. Oh! And they devalued their existing QB so badly with their circus like “disguised” pursuit of Murray that they turned a potential first round draft pick trade into “how low can you go”

  10. Here is a novel idea! How about go to camp work hard and win the starting job because you are the better nfl qb. Not this generation, they all expect it to be handed to them gift wrapped.

  11. I don’t like Josh as his personality seems to rub me the wrong way when I see him interviewed. But what is he supposed to do? Hit the “Like” button on the Murray pick?

    This whole situation is a complete disaster.

    If Kyler busts and Rosen becomes a 10 year starter this will be talked about FOREVER.

  12. Why was signing Bradford to a short term contract bad? Everyone knew he was a stop gap. He was bad, they cut him and were rewarded by picking up an extra compensatory pick. Glennon didnt fit the mold of the new system,

  13. It’s shocking how big of a deal it is to get dealt to a good organization. If I was a prospect, I’d rather take 20% less money on the rookie wage scale and go to a proven winner where I’m not expected to carry the team and can learn behind the vets and quietly cash a check while I wait for my chance to star.

    On a losing team or poorly run team, you get more money right after the draft but perform horribly due to a terrible situation all around you and decisions being made solely on everyone’s fear of being fired any day now. Maybe you make it through your 3rd or 4th year and then your gone and there is no 2nd contract.

    But hey, at least you can tell the world you were drafted in the top 10…oh so many years ago…

  14. I think he and Zac Taylor might get along famously if a little matchmaking could be arranged (hint, hint).

  15. Don’t forget Keim was a lieutenant under Graves when they signed Kevin Kolb too. Outside of Arians squeezing blood out of a turnip for three or four years because Carson Palmer was available due to the Raiders chronic mismanagement, they haven’t done much right. And some wonder why he retired and quicly came back to the Bucs this off-season. Rest of you are catching up to what we see here locally.

  16. “I think he’s the most natural thrower of the football [among this draft class]. He throws a beautiful ball. When he has clean feet and clear vision, I think he’s the best thrower in the draft.” – Mike Mayock

    Mayock also said he was concerned about Rosen’s ability to stay healthy due to the concussions. But if it gets to the point where the Cardinals are going to dump him. Keep an eye on the Raiders if the price is right.

  17. The Cards probably should have traded Rosen first before drafting Murray. Now everyone knows they are desperate to unload him now.

  18. Part of me says that Rosen should suck it up. He got paid and continues to get paid. Get over it.

    But, the reality is this can’t and won’t work. Sure keeping a backup at less than $2 mill a year may be good, but shouldn’t the backup and the starter be running the same offensive system? And, wouldn’t it be better to have a truly experienced QB in the QB room helping Kyler – as opposed to a half year starter?

    Will Rosen be worth more if he holds out a little or he takes another tremendous beating behind that OL or after he complains and makes the situation miserable? NO

    The Cards were playing it cute and holding off on formally naming Kyler as the pick thinking that they could trade Rosen during ROund 1. But by that time, teams were in First Round Draft mode and what they perceived as leverage was a mirage. Should have traded him during the week and telegraphed the Murray pick.

  19. andymannfl says:
    April 26, 2019 at 9:37 am
    I’m still irritated they used the entire clock last night when picking first overall. Were they still “undecided” at that point? Just weird.
    Ummmmm… use the whole clock just in case another team calls up and gives you an absolutely crazy trade offer. It’s that simple. I can’t believe so many people don’t know this.

  20. Just about everbody that posts on here was swearing up and down that the Redskins were going to give up a 1st rounder for Rosen….just goes to show that you guys dont know half as much as you think you know!

  21. I’m fine with the Cards drafting a guy they think is a better QB.
    What baffles me is why not trade Rosen before, when they can get more for him.
    Trade him for a basket of 2nd and 3rd round picks if they can’t get a first.
    It’s not like the Cards are a QB away from being a good team.

  22. I don’t have any love for Rosen but the best thing that could happen with him is to get a new shot with another team. The Cardinals are a dumpster fire and the Keim/Kingsbury duo is going to cost some good young kids their careers.

  23. rohinaz says:
    April 26, 2019 at 9:58 am
    Why was signing Bradford to a short term contract bad? Everyone knew he was a stop gap. He was bad, they cut him and were rewarded by picking up an extra compensatory pick.

    Cut players do not count towards comp picks

  24. At least they realized Rosen isn’t the answer. But they never should have thought he was in the first place.

  25. rohinaz says:
    April 26, 2019 at 9:58 am
    Why was signing Bradford to a short term contract bad? Everyone knew he was a stop gap. He was bad, they cut him and were rewarded by picking up an extra compensatory pick. Glennon didnt fit the mold of the new system,

    The Cards didn’t get a compensatory pick for Bradford. It’s the opposite. By cutting him, he does not go into the compensatory formula. But by signing him last year for such money, he went into the formula as a negative.

    The problem wasn’t signing Bradford or Glennon, it was signing BOTH and for much more money then either was worth. The money would have been better spent on an OL to protect a QB.

  26. Being a Ravens i watched Hollywood Brown get picked and thought here we go undersized WR, but then i saw him standing next to Kyler, and Brown looked a bit taller, so how small is Kyler really, this seems like a bad pick for AZ

  27. Watch him go to the Pats, sit behind Brady for a couple years, and become a stud.

    Not even big Rosen fan, but as a Texas A&M alumnus, I’m rooting for Kyler to fail miserably.

  28. I think Rosen will be ok and could be a superstar with the right organization. Years ago the Chargers had Drew Brees, but sent him packing because they got Phillip Rivers. I kind of see the same thing happening here. Rosen, at this point, probably can’t get out of town fast enough.

  29. The Chargers (or Dolphins or Vikings for that matter) don’t need my advice but clearly there is no trading war going on for Josh Rosen. Sit tight and watch the Cardinals sweat, there is no way they can go into training camp with both QB’s, they have to unload Rosen.

    The most the Cardinals can hope for is a second rounder, maybe a third but if these teams play it right, it could be a 4th or 5th. Gotta love it, the Cardinals shot themselves in the foot on this one and now it’s time to pay the piper.

  30. I sincerely have to tip my hat to the long run the Cardinals had,not coincidentally, starting with drafting Larry Fitzgerald and tenures of Denny Green, Whisenthunt, Kurt Warner and then Arians.

    Now they’re back to the Bidwells I remember from St Louis and it’s no wonder Arians felt he had to retire.

  31. Just about everbody that posts on here was swearing up and down that the Redskins were going to give up a 1st rounder for Rosen….just goes to show that you guys dont know half as much as you think you know!

    I don’t think I ever heard anybody say he was worth a first round pick this year. The Cardinals have absolutely no leverage to get a first and probably not even a second.

  32. If it was any other QB I’d feel bad for him but Rosen deserves every bit of it after his attitude going into last years draft and afterword. Karma for acting entitled and not being able to back it up. Cardinals drafted him and instead of being grateful immediately showed why he fell to #10 and probably should have kept sliding.

  33. As dysfunctional as this has been handled with Rosen, the name of the game is find a franchise QB. The Cards were not sold on their X last year pick so they swung the bat AGAIN! Yes they messed up not trading Rosen when they had some leverage but atleast credit them for taking another swing for the fences.

  34. Rosen should just sit tight. It’s only a matter of time til Murray gets his teeth handed to him ala RGIII, and he gets his job back. The wiser move would have been for Murray to play baseball.

  35. fordbw says:
    April 26, 2019 at 10:36 am
    Oh dear, he’s unfollowed them on social media. Now the Cardinals have done it.

    From a different perspective, I saw this posted elsewhere and it made me view it differently. Would you continue following a feed that was blowing up with literally thousands of posts that were slamming you?

  36. As a Cardinals fan I’m not surprised they messed this up. ZERO leverage now to trade Rosen. These dolts knew they were taking Murray for months. Why wouldn’t you trade while Rosen still had value? Meathead GM needs to go.

  37. Don’t blame him. They stick him on a crap team for his rookie season, then decide they’re moving on. Rookie QB’s used to never see the field their first year.

  38. Here are your choices:
    Rosen – the supposed most pro-ready QB in the 2018 draft had big troubles reading pro pass defenses, was slow to recognize which receiver he should throw to, and kept overthrowing open receivers.
    Murray – a record setting, Heisman winning, and proven spread offense QB who can step in and run Kingsbury’s Air Raid spread offense.

    This is a no-brainer to go with Murray.

    AND, other NFL teams are no fools as they now recognize how bad Rosen played on the areas he controls and executes. He is not the first college “can’t miss” QB who melted down in the NFL.

  39. By the way, what a fall. From his former bad college coach, Jim Mora Jr., trying to steer him away from Cleveland to the first QB of last year’s class already with the plug pulled on. Dramatic fall indeed.

  40. If I were a Cardinals fans, today would be the day I would pass judgement. If they can get a 2nd rounder for Rosen, you could live with it. No way any team is giving a 1st rounder in my opinion.

  41. The truth about Rosen is that he didn’t slide to the 10th overall pick, Arizona reached for him at #10. He should have been a 2nd round developmental QB, with the potential to start after sitting behind a veteran for a few years. The Giants would have been ideal for him to be drafted with their 2nd round pick and sit behind Manning for a season or two. There are other teams that had either older or iffy QBs last year that could have taken him in the 2nd round (Baltimore, New England, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville, Arizona, etc.).

    If he was Arizona’s 2nd round pick last year instead of the 10th overall then they could have resisted the call to put him in last season behind a god awful o-line. Then he would have gain some seasoning and they could have addressed other needs in this years draft, maybe trading back with a team that had multiple 1st rounders and selecting a OT and a guard to actual block for Rosen this year.

    Now the best Arizona can hope for is some team that is willing to give up a 4th round pick to put him behind an aging veteran for the next two or three years, as the heir to their QB position. The most desirable attribute of trading for Rosen at this point is that you can control his future for a 5th year since he was a first round pick last year.

  42. Drafting Murray(a one year wonder) at #1 overall AFTER using 4 picks to draft a QB at #10 just last year with the worst O-line in the NFL and all the other needs was absolutely the stupidest draft move since the Saints gave away their whloe draft to get Williams!

    Making stupid moves has NEVER TURNED A TEAM AROUND, the Cards and their fans will be in the cellar for years to come!

  43. The worst mistake teams do is draft a QB high and then inexplicably stick with him after it’s obvious he’s not the guy. If they came to that determination about Rosen, then drafting Murray and trading or even releasing Rosen is the right move.

  44. PersonaNonGrata says:
    April 26, 2019 at 10:04 am
    Cardinals = Jets West


    The dysfunctional team in the east are the Giants now… come on keep up

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