Kyle Rudolph: “Awesome” we drafted Irv Smith Jr.

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The Vikings added a tight end with the 50th overall pick of the draft on Friday night and some people may have wondered if Irv Smith Jr.‘s arrival would affect Kyle Rudolph‘s spot on the team.

There was talk of Rudolph either taking a pay cut or getting cut earlier in the offseason that was denied by his agent, but the Vikings have little cap space and that’s made the futures of several veteran members of the team the subject of speculation this offseason.

Rudolph said on Friday night that it’s “awesome” that the team added Smith because offensive assistant Gary Kubiak’s past offenses have featured “a lot of guys who can play at a high level while using multiple tight-end sets.” Rudolph also said that he’s aware of the speculation about the possibility of the Vikings moving on for cap reasons.

“This is part of the NFL, younger guys coming in,” Rudolph said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “But I truly believe my best football is still ahead of me. Whether it’s here or not, that’s not my decision. But I do know the football I have left in me, and that’s all I can control.”

Rudolph is in the final year of his contract, so the Smith pick may put an expiration date on his time in Minnesota even if it isn’t in 2019.

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  1. Kyle’s all class. He understands the situation and hopefully we can find a way to keep him here this season and have the 2 TE sets that could jump start the offense.

    Spielman just pulled off a series of trades.

    He trade pick 81 for pick 88 and 204. He then traded 88 and 209 for 92 and 159 (5th round where we didn’t have a pick). Then he traded 92 for 102 (last pick in the third round) and 191 and 193.

    So after we make the last pick tonight, we will have 8 picks tomorrow:

    Fourth-round pick (No. 120)

    Fifth-round pick (No. 159)

    Sixth-round pick (No. 190)

    Sixth-round pick (No. 191)

    Sixth-round pick (No. 193)

    Sixth-round pick (No. 204)

    Seventh-round pick (No. 247)

    Seventh-round pick (No. 250)

  2. I don’t think Rudolph’s days are numbered but at least one of the 2 scrub TE’s they drafted last year are.

  3. Trader Rick, nobody can do a better job of turning starting quality draft picks into 6th and 7th round camp bodies like he can. So many quality players came of the board between 81 and 102.

  4. I actually missed the Vikings trade of #92 for #93 and #217. #217 is the 3rd pick in round 7 just for moving back 1 spot.

  5. Thinking logically, the Patriots need a TE to replace Gronk, haven’t drafted one yet and love picking up guys in the last year of their contracts that they can parlay into compensatory picks. The Vikings are tight up against the cap and drafted a guy who can replace Rudolph. To me, it makes total sense for the Patriots to draft a tight end who needs time to develop and then trade for Rudolph.

  6. He’ll be welcomed to NE after the draft. They are not drafting for Gronk’s replacement!

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