Brian Flores on Josh Rosen: He’s here to compete

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New Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen will compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting quarterback job.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said he’ll stress competition everywhere on the roster, and that includes the quarterback.

“If you step into this building, you’ve got to be ready to compete. When Josh gets here, he’s going to have to compete for any role he has here,” Flores said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Flores acknowledged that Rosen’s rookie year was far from perfect but said he saw a lot of things he liked as well.

“He’s a talented player,” Flores said of Rosen. “I would say during his rookie season, there was some ups, there was some downs, but this guy has a lot of arm talent, he’s got some leadership abilities.”

The Dolphins are expected to be one of the worst teams in the league this season, and a year from now they may be in the market for a first-round franchise quarterback. But if Rosen can win the starting job and surprise people, he could radically shift the future of the franchise.

17 responses to “Brian Flores on Josh Rosen: He’s here to compete

  1. I still can’t figure out how Ryan Tannehill was drafted as the eight overall pick. Everything looks great breaking from him as a franchise quarterback. How does an NFL organization stick for so many years with a guy who was a stretch as a first, second or even third round pick. One can only blame the brain trusts hired by the owners for the inept drafting and player acquisitions for more than a decade. This Miami Dolphins can only get better because of the very poor draft decisions and crazy free agent acquisitions the front office personnel in charge have made.

  2. I don’t think anybody expects Rosen to start game 1. I’m not sure he’s ready to start this season after what he’s been through. The lets prepare yourself to start and be starter ready when the opportunity comes might be more realistic. Fitz has a lot of experience that Rosen can benefit from. Not starting right away will be the smart way to use Rosen. There’s no rush.

  3. The Dolphins could be awful but Jim Caldwell and Ryan Fitzpatrick should be good for this kid. He deserves better than what he got in Arizona.

  4. With 2 more RB in the pick, I guess we are running the ball every play next year

  5. Rosen is the starter by game 5, the kids got talent the change of scenery will work wonders.

  6. Rosen is going to start this year. They need to see if hes any good before deciding on another qb in 2020

  7. For all the Rosen haters…aka Tannehill Apologists – this guy is a low risk trade
    that has a lot of POTENTIAL if it works out.
    Grier gave a 2019 2nd & 2020 5th rd pick for a guy that ONLY gets $6.2M spread out over 3 years & that’s a bargain on ANY team especially for a young capable starter at QB.
    It’s anybody’s guess if he has the fire to compete, as people have questioned his desire & immaturity – so we’ll see.
    I think he’ll push Fitzpatrick in camp but won’t replace him – I believe he was thrown to wolves in AZ with little preparation – he was getting 2nd team reps all thru camp last year before getting the starting job, so there was a disconnect with receivers & timing.

  8. The only way the Dolphins were able to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick was to tell him had the opportunity to compete for the starting QB position. When he signed, there wasn’t anybody else. Brian Flores is smart enough not to name Josh Rosen as the starter. Every football fan knows what you get with Fitzpatick. Several really good games, then a string on interceptions for a few games. Rosen is the unknown. His potential is high, but he needs other good offensive players to show what he’s capable of. Rosen can’t carry the offensive buy himself. He need a good O/L. Rosen’s attitude will be another key for Flores.

  9. finfansince68 says:
    April 27, 2019 at 10:41 pm
    For all the Rosen haters…aka Tannehill Apologists – this guy is a low risk trade
    that has a lot of POTENTIAL if it works out.
    He is a low risk trade only IF Miami can make an informed decision after this year. If they can’t because he doesn’t play or gets injured then the risk becomes HUGE because his presence may impact what would be a no-brainer decision in next year’s draft.

    The Tannehill apologists remark is a bit puzzling because if you look at college stats they are very similar. Tannehill had potential too. He was more mobile and had a better arm than Rosen but Rosen had much better pocket awareness. It just seems odd that some people who bash fans that wanted Tannehill to succeed are now all in with a very similar unproven QB. To me, Rosen has some red flags but I do hope he works things out and is the QB we all want the Dolphins to finally have. His IG video was a step in the right direction and I hope that continues.

  10. Rosen will beat our Fitz easily…… This kid has comparable stats with jets and bills rookies and did it with an Oline that made miami’s Look good getting sacked 45 times

  11. vaphinfan says:
    April 27, 2019 at 8:18 pm
    Dumb trade by a dumb staff. 0 – 16. ROSS needs to go.


    Rosen was traded for peanuts and a salary of only 2 mil for the next 3 years. Cheaper than Matt Moore was. If he doesn’t turn out well there’s really no loss. The problem with this staff was Mike Taunnenbaum, you should be jumping for joy & delighted he’s gone. Do you really think Ryan Tannehill was worth 26 mil to keep this year? I sure don’t. Did he ever even win a playoff game? No he didn’t. What did he accomplish to deserve a big payday? Nothing. He didn’t even have to compete for his starting job against Matt Moore who I thought was a better QB. Hang in there. Give this team 2 yrs to rebuild and you should see a difference. The previous two HC’s were totally inept, at least give Flores a chance to prove what he’s made of.

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