Jaguars surprised everyone by picking Quincy Williams, Quinnen’s brother

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Quinnen Williams was a household name among people who pay attention to the NFL draft, and it was no surprise when he was the third overall pick. But it was a total shock when the 98th overall pick was a player who’s only a household name in the Williams household.

The Jaguars took Murray State linebacker Quincy Williams — Quinnen’s brother — near the end of the third round, and that was such a surprise pick that NFL Network was caught totally off guard, with Rich Eisen saying on the air that “You’ve stumped the truck. We don’t have a video.”

“I did 400 guys — 400 players I worked on. Quincy was not one of the guys I did,” Daniel Jeremiah said on the air.

Arif Hasan of compiled a list of 730 players on various big boards, and Quincy Williams was not in the Top 730.

Quincy Williams said after the third round that the Jaguars called him right after his brother had given him a pep talk to tell him not to worry about not getting drafted.

I talked to my brother a few times,” Williams said. “He told me to stay prayed up, to keep being patient, to keep waiting, and then as soon as I got off the phone with him, I got the call [from the Jaguars]. It was kind of crazy actually.”

Williams noted that he wasn’t invited to the Combine and that Murray State didn’t even have a Pro Day, so he doubted he was going to get drafted.

“For me coming from a small school and didn’t get a combine invite, yeah, I kind of did,” Williams said. “Then I had to go to Pro Day somewhere else, so most people thought I was a safety or a smaller linebacker, so yeah it was a thought in my mind. But then I know my abilities, and I believe in myself.”

Quincy may have been a reach on the draft boards, but the Jaguars believe they got a player.

27 responses to “Jaguars surprised everyone by picking Quincy Williams, Quinnen’s brother

  1. “NFL Network’s analysts had never heard of Quincy Williams”

    Charles Davis and Joel Klatt both referenced watching him in the NFLPA game.

  2. Thats why D Jeremiah was only a scout for 2 years…a 3rd rounder and you know nothing about him….come on man!

  3. Sometimes all you need is a opportunity but taking a player in the 3rd is not a flyer. Someone saw something and his brother is a ball player so that might be enough for jags.

  4. I mean he looked really good playing against other undersized athletes but he looks a lot closer to 5’9, 205 than his listed size.

  5. Nothing like blowing a 3rd round pick on a nice story…couldn’t have waited until the 7th?

  6. This is weird to read because I was watching the draft on ESPN(and I prefer NFL Network coverage but I cut cable this year so I’m stuck with Kiper) and not only did they have tape, they had a fair amount and seemed pretty high on him as well.

    Also, his tape looked great for what it’s worth. His competition was not good but he still looked like a missile out there.

  7. This is (one reason) why it’s hard to be a Jags fan. C’mon, a 7th rounder/UDFA in the third round? That’s crazy. There was so much talent left- even backup QBs like Finley or Grier; WR’s like Harmon or Butler or an OG (a needed position) like Samia.

    WTH? What is this guy? A special teams gunner? Dime a dozen, man, dime a dozen.

  8. And THIS is why us Jag fans do not trust the Jags front office and we’re on pins and needles before the Josh Allen pick because we were afraid they were gonna Jag the pick as usual. This is almost as bad as the Bryan Anger (punter) third round pick three spots before Russell Wilson

    Nothing against Will Grier personally but I sure hope he doesn’t pan out a la previously said pick

  9. So these analysts can tell me when a player has a sister that played softball, but can’t tell me when a player has a brother in the same draft?!

  10. @Keith E. Johnson

    – Per Ian Rappaport

    the talking heads just didnt know who he was it seems – I feel like this starts happening in rounds 3-4

    especially when big names are still around

  11. Thanks. Jag fans are still reeling with regret fromm the Anger pick under similar circumstances. Granted Anger was a punter, but I’m thinking Grier might pan out and would have been good value at 98

  12. Everyone is like yada, yada, yada, they could have gotten these much better players then. I take a look back at all of these drafts years later, and you want to know what? Most of these guys don’ end up being that good, especially the ones people have touted before the draft as the sleepers. They just don’t. It’s dudes that people were raving about were great picks because they had them on some board and tried to sound smart breaking them down, but it just doesn’t work out that way. So if the Jags see a good player in him, good for them for taking him there. I remember everyone laughing at Al Davis for taking Mike Mitchell early in the draft and no one having tape on him back in the day. He was a pivotal player on some very good Carolina and Pittsburgh teams and was cited by young guys with the Colts last year for helping turn them around mid-season.

  13. I agree with you real football fan, but Jagfan had to deal for years (2008-2012) with literally the worst GM in NFL history in Gene Smith. The guy was famous for drafting obscure small school players in the hope that there was a diamond in the rough. This devastated the Jags roster for YEARS. It took Caldwell years to replenish the roster. We’re REALLY gun-shy about these types of picks

  14. Here is 1 stat of his, 98% of the time if he got a hand on you, you was tackled. Thats a hell of a stat!!

  15. Probably become a better player than the guy from Hawaii the Lions picked in the 2nd.

  16. Yannick Ngakoue anyone? How many haters would love to have Yannick?!
    It doesn’t matter where he played or if he’s on anyone’s top 100, or even the level of competition. Oh wait I forgot, Quincy won’t be good enough bc:
    1. The so-called experts ALWAYS get it right (cough OAK GM Mayock)…
    2. EVERY player eventually pans out in the draft (let alone 1st rounders)
    It’s called a crapshoot for a reason. Who’s to say this guy won’t be a solid contributor? Or better yet, a damn good player playing on a damn good defense?
    Seriously though, give the bro a break until he plays a down. If he’s a true baller, he’s gonna ball regardless what level of competition!

  17. Keith E. Johnson CPA ,

    But that was Gene Smith, who demonstrated that he was terrible at player evaluation over a large sample size. Caldwell isn’t perfect, but he’s found some good players over his tenure. I just go with people’s track records. Like Steve Keim is terrible at picking players. I don’t expect he’ll finally figure it out. I’m just pushing back on people taking these draft guides that they read serious. Unless I’ve seen a player many, many times, I don’t proclaim to know what I think he’ll be, but many people just go on these guides and run with it.

    It’s like even after we’ve seen these analysts get egg on their face proclaiming these were recent weak QB classes with Mahomes coming in as a modern day Dan Marino, Mayfield, Watson, etc., they still are lapping it up.

  18. We’re not upset at Quincy Williams himself. He sounds like a quality guy and he didn’t choose it’s just there is a significant number of fans that are upset at the FO for choosing an unknown. The fear is understandable given the Jags past draft history. The Jags have jagged up the draft too many times to earn the fans’ trust in reaching. This can ONLY be corrected by having several years of more draft hits than misses. Dave caldwell has helped but is not clean

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